New financial crime courses for global markets launched

New financial crime courses for global markets launched Unicorn have launched two new courses – specially aimed at international markets - to add to our extensive and wide-ranging financial crime prevention catalogue.

Anti-Money Laundering - Offshore

The course begins by asking you to select the territory where you work, so the specifics about money laundering can be tailored to you. It then goes on to look at what money laundering involves, how it can affect organisations and customers, and what you can do to help prevent it.

Through the use of highly-interactive tasks, real life examples and engaging case studies, the student is at the heart of the learning, putting everything into the context of their every day job roles. The learning solution includes a formal multiple choice assessment.

Fighting Fraud – India

Fraud is India’s biggest source of financial crime.

Whether one large, costly fraud or credit card scams affecting many people, fraud is very newsworthy and as the crimes get more sophisticated so the financial services sector is more vulnerable.

This course explains your role in detecting and preventing fraud by defining the offence, identifying the main sources of fraud risk and outlining Indian legal and regulatory approaches to combating fraud. The course also includes a 15 question assessment in the same format as our other financial crime programme courses.

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