New OTS module - Enhancing the Experience for Vulnerable Customers

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Unicorn and FSTP have been working together to create a number of exciting new eLearning titles.

We’re pleased to announce the first new title ‘Enhancing the Experience for Vulnerable Customers’ is now available to ComplianceServe customers. This module provides a practical toolkit for anyone working in customer service, with a range of tips and strategies to help you deal with vulnerable customers.

All our new titles have been designed to include more easily digestible ‘chunks’ of learning. This means it’s easier to fit the learning around your daily activities.

Each new title begins with a short, high-impact video, designed to set the context for the learning and explain why the subject is relevant - in a fun and engaging way.

You will then work through one or more of the interactive eLearning modules. These include all the key facts and knowledge you need to know, before applying what you’ve learnt through a series of case studies and real-life simulations. Every module finishes with a final assessment so you can check your learning.

Next up is a series of new titles in support of the new Accountability framework for banks and building societies - watch this space for an update next month.


Simon Mercer

Simon Mercer

Head of Business Development

Since arriving in the eLearning industry in 2002, Simon has helped to conceive, develop and deliver…

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