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We’re pleased to announce that brand new reports have been created for SkillsServe. Put together using data that was captured from our most popular reports and valuable client feedback these new reports will provide you with accurate real-time information at the click of a button. A variety of new reports have been made available to give data on Assessments, Online Activities, Organisation Structure, Programmes and, where applicable, CPD.

Here are some more details on each of the new reports:

Assessment Attempts Assessment attempt details showing score and attempt duration.

Assessment Status Assessment completion status for registered users.

Assessments Not Completed Assessment completion status report showing users that have not completed assessments that they have been registered on.

Assessments with Maximum Attempts Returns results on assessments that have a maximum attempt applied.

Manager Staff
Shows all the line managers and their associated direct reporting staff.

Online Activity
Basic overview of each individual’s online learning and assessment usage since their accounts were created.

Organisation Structure
Organisation structure report displays users and their role in the system.

Organisation Unit Completion Overview Shows the breakdown of the number of activities completed, incomplete and not started for each organisation unit that should have been completed by today.

Overdue Activities Displays all overdue activities for users

Overdue Programmes Displays all overdue programmes for users

Programme Details
Number of times a user has accessed learning material.

There are also three reports specific to those who are part of the CII’s CPD scheme:

CPD Details
Shows the activities in the user’s CPD log, user’s total CPD hours, activity type and status.

CPD Status
This report shows you which users that report directly to you have completed their CPD and provides the total amount of CPD hours they have achieved.

CPD Summary CPD Summary report showing the Structured and Unstructured CPD breakdown for each user in the hierarchy.

Usability Improvements

To improve the user experience, we’ve made a number of changes to usability. For example, report fields have been renamed, making them easier to understand and descriptions have been added to reports to give more detail on what information they provide. Improvements have also been made to the “Save As” and “Copy” features so they’re more intuitive.

Audience & Type Tagging

We’ve re-categorised all reports by type and audience to make it easier to find the report you are looking for.

You can also tag your own reports using the same categories when editing reports.

New Report Fields

New report fields have been created to help provide you with additional data that may be required in reports. For example, you can use the new “Maximum Number of Attempts” and “Has Reached Maximum Attempts” fields to see how many attempts users have at an activity and whether or not they have exceeded them.

Improved Layouts

We’ve improved the layout for reports – you can now set the width of columns to help make reports easier to read on-screen and when printed.

We’re rolling out the new reports to all SkillsServe customers so you don’t need to do anything to get this new content.

For more information simply get in touch with the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0844 800 3316.


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