NEWS: Charity Winners as Unicorn Trump Apprentice Challenge!

NEWS: Charity Winners as Unicorn Trump Apprentice Challenge! Diverse-Abilities-Plus-logoWEBWe’re chuffed to be handing over more than £1,300 of cash and other goodies to the awesome Diverse Abilities Plus after triumphing in the charity’s Challenge Day on Wednesday (4 June). Unicorn’s five-strong ‘Blueberry’ Team revelled in the three tasks set by Diverse Abilities Plus’ own Alan Sugar, Eric, plus his team of judges, to finish as Challenge Day champions! The winning team comprised these Unicorns: •    Tai Saxty - Platform Project Manager •    Charlotte Martines – Configuration Specialist •    Sam Harvey - Lead UX Designer •    Kim Waring - Help Desk Advisor •    Katie Wilson - Help Desk Advisor Diverse Abilities Plus is the Dorset disability charity that supports children and adults with profound physical and learning disabilities. All challenges were themed around equality, diversity and disability, ensuring participants learned lots, as well as having great fun. unicorn cakeUnicorn raised £361.68 from a bake sale, boasting everything from Unicorn cupcakes to flapjacks, and charity lunch as part of a pre-challenge task to make as much money as possible from a start-up of £20. On Challenge Day itself there were two different tasks.... Morning Challenge Competitors had to come up with an idea for an event to help raise money for Diverse Abilities Plus, an idea they could take forward if they see fit. Blueberry Team devised a Diverse Abilities Festival, including: •    Diverse Fun Run – with obstacles where one of your senses would be taken away, to give the participants an idea of what it’s like to have a disability. •    Stalls charged per table space to raise money, all local companies to hold a stall •    Donation Buckets •    Evening Battle of the bands •    Photo Booth – for selfies to include the logo of Diverse Abilities Plus It was Diverse Abilities Plus’ own idea to start a fundraising selfie campaign that took this round, but Unicorn refused to lie down and accept a quiet defeat...... Main Task DABchallenge_medTo get companies to donate items or services to be auctioned or raffled at a later date to raise money for Diverse Abilities Plus. Unicorn smashed this task and lead the way to the top of the leaderboard with 57points, which amounted to £978.06. This gave Blueberry team a grand combined total of £1,339.74 and we were awarded a Glass Trophy, which Charlotte has already given pride of place to on Unicorn’s Trophy Stand. Thank you so much to everyone for their support over the past couple of weeks! DAB_winnerspicLottie Forte, Events and Fundraising Intern at Diverse Abilities Plus, said: “You truly are fundraising heroes and the event would not have been the same without you – your enthusiasm and passion for the tasks was extraordinary!   “The monies you raised in the pre-event challenge will help us to provide invaluable support for our children and adults. “Also all the fantastic donations you managed to get will save us a lot of time trying to source these items, and will also raise more money within auctions and raffles. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and we can look forward to working with you all again in the future.” See more photos from the event and the pre-challenge on our Facebook page here For more information about Diverse Abilities Plus visit their website here

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