News: eCreator Changing Face Of Rapid Content

News: eCreator Changing Face Of Rapid Content eCreator-logoeCreator is Unicorn's new integrated rapid authoring tool, opening up countless doors to create and deliver professional quality content easily at your desk or on the move. eLearning industry expert, Craig Weiss, has predicted built-in authoring tools will be the industry’s ‘next big thing’, and eCreator breaks the mould in enabling users to produce graphically-rich, interactive content simply and at minimal cost. eCreator is built into Unicorn Training’s award-winning learning and development platform, SkillsServe, which enables the design of customised learning pathways, incorporating eCreator content alongside third-party content and assessments, resulting in varied, dynamic learning that inspires personal and business growth. UnicornWebsite_eCreator_iPadeCreator is fully tablet compatible with the ability to create, edit, deliver and study content on Apple and Android tablets as well as PCs, and because the tool is a built in feature of SkillsServe, there is no licence fee limiting the number of editors, multiple users can keep content up-to-date. Peter Phillips, Unicorn Training CEO, said: “There was increasing demand from Unicorn clients to be able to create and publish quality learning content more easily, and for their in-company subject matter experts to be able to edit and update content directly. “There has also been the burgeoning demand to bring large quantities of learning content online simply and within tight budgets and time constraints, without reverting to ‘Death by PowerPoint’ or reams of flat text. “eCreator has a strong focus on usability, and is a tool that can be learned in minutes and can create new interactive eLearning modules in just a few hours. It has not been designed to replace the use of the best in commercial rapid authoring tools, rather add another option with its own unique benefits to users." Amongst our early-adopter organisations already using eCreator to create and deliver mobile-ready courses are the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), Tesco Bank, and Insurance Institute of Ireland (III). images-tab1 James Lonergan, Education Manager, III, said: “The eCreator has already brought huge improvements in our productivity as well as professional quality results that add value to our student support. We’re very impressed with the new tool.” Peter added: “Unicorn has more than 25 years industry experience and expertise in the financial sector with a platform currently considered the best in its sector*. This wealth of knowledge and know-how enables rapid response to changes in the regulation, with eCreator playing a key role in this rapid, effective capability.” Want to know how you could make the most of eCreator? Click here. *SkillsServe was recently ranked the world’s top Learning Management System for the financial sector in the LMS Mid-Year 2014 Rankings Report, compiled by the influential Craig Weiss.

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