NEWS - Reflections Of A Glorious Age? Putting 25 Years of eLearning Under The Microscope.

NEWS - Reflections Of A Glorious Age? Putting 25 Years of eLearning Under The Microscope. timeline-picEver thought about what eLearning might look like in 25 years’ time or what significant historical events and innovations have provided a backdrop for learning technologies development over the past quarter of a century? Can you remember what learning looked like all that time ago or, if you were still a twinkle in your parents’ eye back then, why and how things have evolved in the way they have done? To celebrate Unicorn’s silver anniversary this year we have joined up with e-Learning Age magazine to produce a special digital publication - Reflections on 25 years in eLearning and the next 25 years! The publication includes insightful, interactive features on the changing economics of the industry, technological advances and the evolution of the eLearning community, from contributors Peter Phillips (Unicorn CEO), Helen Watts (Unicorn Director) and Bob Little (eLearning chronicler), alongside a fun 25 year timeline and our predictions, some serious some not so, as to what the next 25 years could hold. Videos and blast-from-the-past demos and graphics provide a window to what the eLearning world looked like then and now in what we hope will provide a comprehensive document to put a pivotal 25 years for the industry into context. Peter Phillips said: “It is a special year for Unicorn and as one of the earliest, and still thriving, eLearning companies we thought such a digital publication would provide an entertaining and valuable record of just how our industry has developed, what have been the main challenges, solutions and drivers and what is on the horizon for us all. “It was an enjoyable, nostalgic and often funny experience trawling back through our old courseware and chatting to people from the period remembering pioneering individuals, companies and innovations that were going to be ‘The Next Big Thing’ but were never heard of again. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have putting it together.” You can access the 25 years digital supplement now. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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