NEWS: Sam's Joy at International Design Award

NEWS: Sam's Joy at International Design Award SamYates_LINGOsaward3_medUnicorn's Sam Yates was praised for creating a "realistic and immersive learning environment" as she was announced as the winner of the LINGOs 2014 Global Giveback Competition at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida on Thursday 20 March. The Global Giveback, now in its fifth year, is a programme through which learning professionals volunteer with global development and relief organisations to design and develop learning resources to help the non-profits do their good work better. The competition is limited to eLearning courses. Sam created a course for Last Mile Learning and The Nature Conservancy titled 'Influencing Without Authority'. The scenario-based course, set on the fictional island of Katoa, follows a development worker as she tries to negotiate with regional officials to introduce a project in a region where her organisation has never worked previously. katoa2 The engaging back and forth between the characters in the course provides a realistic and immersive learning environment that supports the learning objectives of this skill-based course. katoa1 CHECK OUT THE DEMO OF SAM'S AWARD-WINNING 'INFLUENCING WITHOUT AUTHORITY' COURSE Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said: "We're delighted for Sam and that her talents have been rewarded and recognised on the international stage. We're very pleased to support the important work that LINGOs do, and it was great that Sam was able to be in Orlando to collect the award too. "The work both she and graphic designer, Rich Kelly, put in to producing this course is extremely impressive.  While eLearning is going through a period of major change, the need for high quality instructional design has not changed, and Sam’s work is testament to that." SamYates_LINGOsaward1_med In presenting this year’s Global Giveback Award, LINGOs CEO, Eric Berg, thanked all of the instructional designers and developers who volunteered their talents to the program this year. The competition finalists included courses featuring simulation-based interactions, customised feedback, several scenario based courses, and animation. Two complete learning paths, Project Management and Financial Management, each designed for the NGO sector, were also created. Volunteer teams, individuals, and private eLearning companies all contributed to the rich selection of courses that are now in the hands of NGO staff all over the globe through LINGOs member’s learning management systems and Last Mile Learning, a LINGOs initiative that strives to deliver world class learning to anyone working to reduce poverty and suffering in the world. AAAA LINGOs Director of Members Services, Marian Abernathy, shared her appreciation for the work of all the Global Giveback participants, emphasizing that the initiative is more than just a volunteer activity. “This year’s Global Giveback submissions are truly outstanding,” she said. “The courses and paths developed through Global Giveback showcase exciting and innovative work. They are invaluable resources that will move individuals and organizations in the development and relief sector forward, increasing the impact of their work serving some of the world’s communities in greatest need.” Many of the resources developed this year are available not only to one organization, but are shared with all through the Last Mile Learning programme, whose open portal is accessible to all.

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