News: Weiss Sees Future In Games As E-Learning 20-20 Looms

News: Weiss Sees Future In Games As E-Learning 20-20 Looms craig weisseLearning guru Craig Weiss has described gamification and education as “the perfect fit” as he prepares for next week's ‘E-Learning 20-20 - Stay Ahead of the Game’ seminars in London. Gaming, gamification and the next generation of online learning will be the hot topics as US-based Craig returns to the UK for what is the second E-Learning 20-20 event at The Kia Oval in Kennington on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 November. Places are still available for E-Learning 20-20, presented by e.learning age in association with Unicorn Training and Growth Engineering, with delegates attending from across eLearning, HR and learning and development. Craig highlights the difference between gamification and gaming, with gamification meaning leaderboard, points and badges, while gaming in eLearning means creating a game-based course with gaming elements. He believes everyone attending E-Learning 20-20 will have their eyes truly opened to the direction the online learning world will be heading over the next five years. how-gamification-on-LMS-works-300x300He said: “I have seen the ‘game’ phenomena more in terms of adoption in corporate than education, which is befuddling to me. Education and gamification seems a perfect fit. “Putting the rise of gamification and gaming in the context of other industry trends there has definitely been a faster adoption rate of gamification at least from a consumer standpoint, gaming though has been a slow crawl and is way, way behind. “Vendors are still slow to fully embrace all the features for gamification, but at the minimum of one feature to two, my data finds well over 50% of vendors. Now, in my opinion, you must have a badge maker, built-in badge library, gaming templates and a reward store or something like that. "But gaming is presently non existent in an LMS.” On day one Craig will be joined by gamification authority, An Coppens, Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation, to highlight the role that gamification will play in the future of learning. The following day Adrian Smith, one of the men behind Tomb Raider and now Head of Production at Amuzo Games, along with Amuzo MD, Mike Hawkyard, will look at how game design can be integrated into training, businesses simulations and HR tools to dramatically increase engagement and learning effectiveness. Craig’s apweiss_croppearance at last year’s E-Learning 20-20 proved hugely popular, with delegates enjoying the rare chance to hear his insights and get his views one-to-one in the informal event setting. He admits he is looking forward to seeing people walk away from this year’s event with their horizons dramatically expanded. Craig added: “There is no doubt in my mind that by 2020, corporate training will be 90% eLearning. "We want people to gain information they can use immediately back in the workplace. This includes what is happening now, where is eLearning going and what impact will gamification and technology have on learning. “The excitement and buzz from people in attendance last year made me want to come back again this year. There was definitely a high interest in acquiring new information and how it can be applied. I love it!” For more details about ‘E-Learning 20-20 – Stay Ahead Of The Game’ and to book your place today click here

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