News: YUDU White Paper Proves Value of Mobile In Training

News: YUDU White Paper Proves Value of Mobile In Training Unicorn partners, YUDU, have published a new white paper highlighting trends in corporate training and the impact of mobile devices in 2015. We have been working with YUDU on App development and are delighted to see the results of their research confirm how the economics of corporate training are shifting. yudu-logoMobile App developer YUDU Media's latest white paper outlines technological trends in the training industry and how this impacts strategic planning for HR and Training professionals. The paper deals with the economics of an industry which, for the past few years, has experienced double-digit growth year-on-year as companies race to fill skills shortages in new and cost-effective ways. The main focus of the paper is on mobile devices, and how they are changing the sector. A great deal of attention has been paid to tablets in particular, and how some office environments have been reshaped through schemes like 'Bring Your Own Device'. Comparatively little industry attention has been given previously to mobile training and how it can impact internal programs, despite mounting evidence that it can stimulate e-learning progress amongst even older employees. Training_444x444Another topic covered is the effect new software has on training. Increasingly sophisticated Learning Management Systems, as well as easily accessible Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have catalyzed a change in how training professionals and HR Directors develop strategies for talent management, skills development and on-boarding. Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU comments: “Training Managers who are already working on their mobile strategies know that mobile delivery can really enhance their training courses. "Our research proves that delivery of mobile training can benefit e-learning throughout an organization and the aim of this white paper is to support this some of the strategies being developed in this area.” The paper also provides some ideas, based on YUDU’s experience in developing enterprise applications for blue-chip clients, as to how enterprising HR and Training professionals can leverage these devices to provide better returns. To download the white paper, click on this link and follow the instructions.  

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