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Truly effective learning shouldn't stop the second your people leave the office.

We all know the challenge of integrating mobile, 'on demand' resources into a corporate learning strategy is a big one - but it's also necessary if you want to build a learning culture that really sticks. Earlier this year we introduced the 'Learning Ecosphere' concept to the market (if you haven't already, you can download a copy of the Learning Ecosphere Whitepaper here). The Ecosphere serves as a way of visualising the growing number of vehicles and methodologies for delivering learning, as well as articulating the need for a balance between established and new (usually mobile) methods.

We have seen a lot of exciting app and game-based learning solutions spring up across the industry in the past twelve months - but for many, the shift to informal, 'mobile-up' learning is simply too much of a departure from the secure environment of the LMS to be viable.

That being said, smart devices are everywhere in modern life. We've talked previously about 'mobile moments' - where smart phones and tablets are used at short intervals to access point-of-need content (that could be booking a taxi, checking the weather, or making an online purchase). Whether your organisation is ready for fully-fledged mobile solutions or not, the habitual use of smart devices represents a prime opportunity to leverage these 'moments' to embed learning beyond the confines of a physical office.

Bridging the gap - Learning Path LMS App

Without budget or corporate buy-in, the shift to app-based learning isn't likely to happen overnight. But help is at hand. Businesses need to look at ways to incorporate mobile learning into the corporate offering in a way that gives users more versatility, without abandoning the security of their established methods - and we can help.

Taking the traditional format of the Learning Management System and delivering it in a slick app interface is the perfect way to start offering learners a mobile, on-the-go learning resource that doesn't conflict with what is already in place. In fact, many enterprise LMS providers now offer companion apps for exactly this reason - but many come at a premium, and without the integration or UX to really offer a full mobile-up experience.

Being unique in our ability to deliver mobile-first learning experiences, we've decided to put that expertise to good use. Learning Path is the new companion app to our award-winning LMS - and it's now free to anyone using Unicorn LMS.

We believe that the ability to deliver your learning content seamlessly across devices, and at the time of your users' choosing, brings corporate learning into a whole new sphere. Rather than requiring users to access their online learning via a desktop-based portal, Learning Path enhances the traditional LMS offering by giving learners flexibility in the way they learn - allowing them to take learning away from the desk and into their hands.

Key Features and Benefits of Learning Path:

  • Slick new app interface – bringing your learning to life on the go across tablet and mobile
  • Add you own corporate branding for a bespoke look and feel
  • Create and access learning pathways for a personalised learning journey
  • Activity filters to locate desired learning quickly and easily
  • View and record CPD progress quickly and easily
  • Launch and complete activities online, or download to access content offline
  • Profile screen showing overall summary of complete, incomplete and pending activities
  • Totally free to download from iOS and Android stores
  • Seamless access to online courses launched from the app without needing to login again

Supporting the growing BYOD trend, Learning Path delivers an LMS to mobile phones and tablets. This flexibility will give organisations a range of tools to use when delivering training - and opens up further possibilities for campaign-based or blended learning approaches.


If you already have our Unicorn LMS you can get started with the Learning Path app today, as a new self-service interface has been released to enable Super Administrators to enable the app. If you'd like to find out more about Unicorn LMS or the new companion app Learning Path you can either visit our dedicated page, send us an email enquiries@unicorntraining.com or call us on 0800 055 6586.

Download the Learning Path factsheet here.

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