Our top tips for cyber security in the workplace

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The world of cyber is ever evolving, with cyber-attacks hitting large organisations more frequently it seems we can't go a couple of days without hearing about another devastating cyber attack. We know it can be a daunting prospect to try and keep up-to-date with the latest cyber security information, as cyber criminals continue to develop and evolve their tactics and levels of sophistication, which is why we've put together our top cyber security tips in the workplace.

Did you know 90% of successful cyber-attacks are facilitated by the unwitting action of a member of staff? By ensuring your employees are having regular cyber training, you can minimise the threat of a cyber attack on your organisation.Through our partnership with AXELOS, we offer a suite of engaging eLearning modules, we've picked out a few of these courses to feature in our top tips below:

  • Regular training is essential to keep up-to-date with the changing face of cyber crime
  • Don't bamboozle your employees with complicated jargon, make sure you are speaking to them in a way they can understand
  • Everyone including you and your employees must take responsibility for their own internet safety, there's no one there to protect you or your employees online
  • Don’t leave the digital front door open to cyber criminals. Social engineering and phishing attacks let cyber criminals straight into your computers and networks, giving them access to deploy viruses, malware, ransomware or steal company confidential information
  • Your employees are the most effective defence against cyber-attacks
  • Devices are critical in today's world, but they also carry significant risk. Your company should ensure lost devices are reported immediately. Devices must be locked away when not in use and should never be left unattended. Finally when using a device in a public place this should be done cautiously
  • Be mindful of your digital footprint. Everything you and your employees do online leaves a footprint, if this information gets into the wrong hands the results can be devastating, including: identity thefts, fraud, loss of sensitive information or embarrassment
  • Keep your employees interested in your cyber training by delivering it in a way that engages them. Videos, storytelling and serious games are all great ways to do this
  • Develop a cyber culture. Allow your employees to learn from their mistakes in a positive way, not through punishment and reward innovation and ideas
  • Protecting information is critical to your business. Whilst it wouldn't be easy to impersonate you in person, the same isn't true online. If a cyber criminal gets hold of your password, they have the ability to access a world of information, including company or personal confidential information, the ability to steal data, or open accounts in your name
  • Finally, your employees need to hear from your leaders. Leaders must show they are committed and dedicated to cyber security

  • We work in partnership with AXELOS to offer cyber security eLearning for businesses. AXELOS GBP is a joint venture between the UK Government (Cabinet Office) and Capita plc.Through our partnership with AXELOS we have the RESILIA suite of learning across four key areas:

    • Protecting Information
    • Safe Device Use
    • Managing Online Risks
    • Keeping Safe Online

    For further information about RESILIA either visit our website, try a 14 day free trial, call 0800 055 6586 or email us enquiries@unicorntraining.com.


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