Post-MOJ Anti Bribery & Corruption course now available

Post-MOJ Anti Bribery & Corruption course now available
Take advantage of our first-to-market updated Countering Bribery and Corruption course, incorporating the latest Ministry of Justice guidance to commercial organisations on their corporate responsibility/liability for any bribery offences committed.

In our Summer 2010 newsletter we looked in detail at how the incoming Bribery Act 2010 would impact on businesses, with John Horan, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (WKFS) financial crime consultant, providing an overview of the legislation, the implications for compliance and its worldwide context.

However, a delay came about as further Ministry of Justice guidance was sought over Section 7 of the Act - the new offence of ‘Failure of commercial organisations to prevent bribery’.

This guidance was finally published in March 2011 with the Act now coming into force on July 1.

Our revised Countering Bribery and Corruption course takes into consideration all of the latest MOJ guidance, which deals with Sections 7-9 of the Act, while still providing the most rigorous and dynamic study of the untouched Sections 1 to 6 and Sections 10 to 20.

Take a look our short demo introducing our new Countering Bribery & Corruption course.......

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