Professional Banker Certificate (PBC) takes off

Professional Banker Certificate (PBC) takes off Demand for the Professional Bankers Certificate is growing rapidly since its launch earlier this year by the Chartered Banker Institute.

This month has seen the highest number of registrations since launch. If the initial momentum continues, more than 4,000 individual PBC registrations will be completed by the end of the year.

Developed in partnership with Tesco Bank and underpinned by Unicorn Training’s SkillsServe online learning management platform, the PBC was designed to aid the continuing development and promotion of professional standards for bankers, with a syllabus covering the major areas critical to the effective performance of a professional banker and which required no prior learning or qualifications.

The course is delivered via a fully-inclusive study support tool, boasting a fresh new suite of tailored eLearning to support bank staff and/or Chartered Banker Institute members through the new qualification. The system also provides a robust and credible record of training, development and competence for personnel and compliance teams.

Everyone undertaking the PBC accesses a dynamic, personalised study portal where they create and manage their individual study plans and can take full advantage of all the relevant PBC eLearning modules and study support tools hosted on the system to help them develop a thorough understanding of the key ethical, regulatory, economic, legal and credit issues.

When the time comes to prepare for the final multiple-choice assessment, the portal has an extensive bank of mock exam questions so students can test themselves to identify the areas they are most comfortable with and what needs more work before exam day.

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