Q2 update and Q3 preview

Q2 update and Q3 preview

2019 continues to see exciting changes to our Governance Risk and Compliance suite as well as our third-party content. All our GRC courses that were updated in Q2 have also now been converted to the improved version of our authoring tool - eCreator 2.0.

Q2 course content updates

Code Course Name Update Summary
UNI_010 Countering Bribery and Corruption

This course has undergone a significant overhaul by taking existing content and creating 3 new activities that are easier to read and digest. The course starts with a case study that highlights the consequences of bribery and corruption, then moves into the legislation applicable to the offence. This is followed by advice for regulated firms on regulatory requirements. It also includes the risks a firm needs to consider. The final part of the course focuses on how to spot bribery and corruption.

UNI_009 Information Security

This course has been upgraded to eCreator 2.0 with improved graphics and revised interactions to improve on the overall user experience. We have also updated content to include CMCs that are now regulated by the FCA and added content in reference to Encryption and ID procedures - with updated advice from the NCSC.

UNI_074 Transaction Reporting

We have expanded on the reasoning and benefits to transaction reporting to the FCA and included the links of TR requirements to regulations such as MiFIR. We have updated case studies where regulated firms have been penalised by the regulator for failing to comply with TR requirements, to emphasise the stance taken by the regulator to enforce compliance. We have also provided references to various areas of the FCA handbook that can be viewed to assist in defining the exact requirements under Supervision rules.

UNI_080 Culture and Ethics

Enhanced content in relation to the advantages of membership to trade bodies and industry codes and made improvements to the overall user experience by converting the course to eCreator 2.0 and applying improved graphics.

UNI_006 Conduct Risk and Treating Customers Fairly

From client feedback we have made some minor changes to the content to encompass a 'motor dealership' environment. This includes improvements to questions in relation to the conduct risk when applying policies, procedures and practices before, during and after the point of sale and product suitability.

UNI_085 Criminal Finances Act Client feedback has led to an improvement in the final assessment for this course. Working with Subject Matter Experts, improvements have been made in to provide more clarity in the context of questions.

Anti-money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing

We are delighted to announce that our new Anti-money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing course is now available in our GRC library. For a little taster of this great new content, take a look at the video below:

For more details please contact your Unicorn Account Manager. If you are interested in accessing our GRC content, including this new course, contact us here.



In our legacy suite we have five titles:

  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it
  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it (Gibraltar)
  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it (Guernsey)
  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it (Jersey)
  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it (UAE)

Each of these titles have up to six activities within the pathway depending on jurisdiction:

  • A routine walk to work
  • 2019 Guernsey AML regulatory updates
  • What is money laundering?
  • Consequences and obligations
  • How you can fight money laundering
  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it - Case studies
  • Money laundering and how you can prevent it - Assessment

As this legacy content is being archived they will no longer be supported, updated or maintained. Where users have been registered to the legacy content these will remain in users‘ ‘My Activities’ even after archiving. Users will either need to complete them or administrators will need to cancel the registration. Find out how to cancel a user from an activity here

The legacy content will also remain in existing pathways, for example those created and used for induction, until they are removed. Find out about archiving activities here

You may also want to then add the new content to those pathways. Find out how to add content to pathways here

Where learners have already completed these courses, the CPD achieved will remain.

If any assistance is required on any of these actions, please visit Unicorn Help or contact the team here.

Updates from our partners

During Q2 our partner MicroLearn has released nine brand new courses. More details can be found in this one-pager.

Workplace Wellbeing suite

  • Mindfulness
  • Letting Go

Communication & Social Skills suite

  • Communicating Under Pressure
  • Workplace Diplomacy

Management & Leadership suite

  • Operational Agility
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Planning for a Crisis
  • Taking the Lead

In Q2 our partner Video Arts have added the following titles to their existing library: Unconscious Bias and Diversity

During Q2 a number of titles have all been updated within the English catalogue. In addition, four brand new courses have been added to the collection.

  • Data Protection & GDPR: All Staff
  • Data Protection & GDPR: Managers
  • Protecting Information
  • Handling Information
  • Password Safety
  • BYOD
  • Online Safety Social Media

    Payment Diversion Fraud
    - covers how to work safely by recognising, reacting and responding to this growing risk.

    Business E-mail Compromise - understand how these attacks can work, and the steps that can be taken to verify the authenticity of e-mail requests.

    Preparing for a Cyber-incident
    - highlights that preparing for a cyber-incident is ‘business as usual’ for all organisations, and managers need to understand the critical steps they need to take to prepare.

    Managing your Supply Chain Risk
    - aims to provide everyone in an organisation with the essential guidance they need to manage supply chain cyber risks effectively.

    Time2Study has added several new courses to its catalogue, including:

  • Three new courses for Microsoft Excel 2019
  • A new course on HTML
  • Two new courses for Google Docs
  • A large number of new titles have been added in the fields of Change Management and Leadership throughout Q1 and Q2. Bookboon have also launched a Spanish version of their soft skills content.

    This quarter Socrates launched a brand new course: Equality and Diversity for all Staff in Law Firms. This course is accompanied by additional variants - Equality and Diversity for Partners and Managers in Law Firms, Equality and Diversity for all Staff in Business and Equality and Diversity for Recruiters and Managers in Business. The course explains equality and diversity issues for staff in law firms, including relevant SRA regulations. It covers not just the law, but also the advantages of promoting equality and diversity and the practical things you should do to both comply with your obligations.
    You can get full details of all updates in the latest edition of our comprehensive course collection here.

    Risk & Operational Resilience

    We are continuing to work on the revision and amalgamation of our current Risk Management and Three lines of Defence courses. We will be combining them with the latest thinking on Operational resilience from the industry, to bring your learners a new and improved course, Risk and Operational Resilience, that focuses on the application of risk management and resilience tools and practices in firms. This new course is intended for release Q3 2019.

    Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR)

    We are currently updating the following courses in readiness for rollout of this regulatory regime to all firms regulated by the FCA:

    • The Regulatory Framework
    • Senior Managers Regime
    • Certification Regime
    • Conduct Rules
    • Senior Management

    For more details on how our full toolkit can help you meet the demands of the regime, visit our new web pages here.


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