Rolling the dice on Day 2 at DevLearn 2017, Las Vegas

DevLearn Conference Day 2 AR VR Talk

Welcome to another crazy day in the party town that is Las Vegas! Not us I hasten to add – we are hardworking conference goers, but the constant assailants of music, fun, bright lights, shows, gambling and nightlife certainly make this a fun place to be working!

As we headed into the second day of full-on conference sessions, I thought it would be interesting to look back at Peter and Jackie’s blogs from their last DevLearn visit in 2011, 6 years ago.

The main themes back then were:

  • The growth of mobile learning
  • Introducing games and gamification to learning
  • The need to curate content with the explosion of available

Fast forward to 2017 and what are the key themes? Surprise surprise –

  • The ubiquity of mobile learning
  • Taking games and gamification to the next level
  • Content curation

Mobile though is now ‘first’. Everything we are seeing is on a tablet or smartphone. This doesn’t quite reflect our own experience with our customers back home, but it is clear this is where we are headed. An interesting story from one vendor I spoke to was of an organisation who decided to experiment with rolling out their annual compliance training this year – 50% of the learner population accessed it via the traditional desktop/LMS route, 50% via a new mobile app. Guess which option won hands down?

MicroLearning is big, particularly when combined with campaign learning. More on that from Jackie in her next blog. The new kids at the table this time though are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – many sessions and interesting demos of live examples being used for a variety of training applications covered this.

Back in 2011, the high profile launch at the show was Articulate Storyline. As early adopters of Storyline Unicorn has been pleased to see the product evolve through that time to the new Storyline 3, which we are using for many of our custom digital learning solutions.

Last stop of the day was the DemoFest, featuring 75 tables of people from all walks showcasing their solutions. We saw ‘drab to fab’ – the story of a conversion from an old style linear course to a fresh user interface and adaptive style. Surprising to see some older visuals such as the code-baby characters, exciting to see AR already in use and, interestingly, not a vertical scrolling course in sight!

That’s the double down – looking forward to our final morning tomorrow!

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