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Our new marketing intern, Njoki talks about her first impressions of Unicorn and what she hopes to learn whilst she's with us.

Unicorn felt like an unapologetically buzzy space right from when I walked through the front door for my first meet and greet. As with every new experience, I was a little nervous about what to expect. My background is primarily in advertising agencies so naturally, I wondered how I would get on in a ‘corporate’ environment. As far as first impressions go, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed my conversation with Lucy, Unicorn’s marketing executive, was and it was good to hear a bit more about Unicorn other than what I had learnt from Google. As I left the office that afternoon, Pat, the lady at the front desk downstairs, told me she’s keeping her fingers crossed for me and I left feeling a lot lighter and a lot more optimistic. Thus, began the waiting game.

Ever since making an undergraduate degree switch from a Psychology to a Communications-Advertising major in my university in Kenya, I have learnt to be an analytical thinker; curious to know what makes people tick, the ‘whys’ for something and the ‘who’ that will be affected by it. I interned briefly at a big agency as part of my undergraduate degree and after graduating, I joined a smaller agency founded by one of Kenya’s leading creatives. It was there that I found my footing and picked up nuggets of wisdom from watching graphic designers, discussing fun ads with the creative director and chatting over lunch with the media planners.

Over a year ago, I decided to take things further and applied to Bournemouth University’s MA Advertising programme. From learning how to construct great ad strategies and propositions as well as being immersed in creative ideation, consumer insight generation and digital business, I am more conversant with theories and practices that proved beneficial especially when I joined a boutique ad agency in London for a few weeks. I then ‘suffered’ through my 10,000-word final research project. Several sleepless nights and a dampened social life later, I have completed my degree with merit. The champagne pop that evening felt to me like a sign of greater things to come.

About a week into the waiting game, I was thrilled to hear the good news from Unicorn. I worked on updating my portfolio with my most recent projects to date and prepared the necessary documentation. On my first day, the lovely office manager Carole warmed my heart with her jokes and contagious laugh, handed me my lanyard and took me on an official tour. Everyone was friendly and answered any questions I had (shout out to the nice guy who showed me how to start the confusing microwave). I have felt very welcome!

Abi, the marketing manager, started me off with a task so I already feel like I am getting involved. Having personally taken a few eLearning courses for hospitality training as well as corporate governance and compliance in the past, I was interested in knowing how such imperative learning solutions were created. While working on an ad campaign in London, one of my tasks was to critique an eLearning microsite designed for young adults. I clicked through all the informative material, did the quizzes and was rewarded with a silly ‘certificate’ that felt more superficial than anything. As part of my musings, I noted how all the clearly necessary information had been so badly phrased and communicated. Anyone, not just young adults, would probably be cringing their way through the whole program as I had done. It just did not feel effective enough.

I was curious to see what Unicorn Training’s eLearning solutions are like and what the basic concept behind each system is. Sitting in on a meeting with the design team gave me a lot of perspective on this already and reading through the case studies and blog posts, I have begun to learn more about eLearning programmes and the true potential and power of learning technologies as well as how much creative reasoning goes into each project. From what I can gauge so far, the Unicorn way involves explicit attention to detail and a user-focused approach that aims to facilitate proper learning in the best manner humanly possible. I am looking forward to knowing more about how different projects are managed from conception to delivery and I hope to have a little Unicorn magic rub off on me in the process.

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