Senior Managers and Certification Regime, It’s Here – Are You Ready?

Unicorn Training Senior Managers Regime eLearning Course

7th March 2016 saw the introduction of the Senior Managers Regime and the Certification Regime for banks, building societies, credit unions and PRA-designated investment firms. These have been designed to encourage individuals to take greater responsibility for their actions, and for firms to take full responsibility for the fitness and propriety of their staff. Both regimes are underpinned by a new set of Conduct Rules which set out the required standards of behaviour.

It’s never been more important to ensure you have the correct systems, training and controls in place to ensure that every relevant member of staff conforms to the requirements. Staff must be competent to undertake their roles and understand their individual responsibilities. To help you meet these challenges, Unicorn has been busy developing a number of new eLearning titles in partnership with FSTP and these have now been added to the ComplianceServe library.

Check out these short introductory videos which are included with each of the new eLearning titles:


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Simon Mercer

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