Show of Support! The faces behind the phones

Show of Support! The faces behind the phones They are the reassuring voices on the end of the phone when things don’t quite work how you expect them to. But who are these voices? Sammy Awad, Unicorn’s Customer Support Manager, introduces his team and says thank you for saying thank you! sammyAwadIf you have been making the move over to SkillsServe, Unicorn’s learning and performance system, over the past six months, the chances are we will have probably spoken to you or one of your colleagues. So, hello again! With a large number of clients having been making the exciting move to SkillsServe, obviously this has led to an increase in call volumes for the Unicorn support team. Happily the vast majority of these calls have been the ‘how to’ questions that you would expect from engaged users looking at how to best leverage a new system. Most callers are cheerfully on their way after a phone call or email providing some reassuring guidance. Support teams can often get taken a bit for granted, the usually faceless people on the end of the phone or email, who are there to make your life easier. But I’m really pleased to say that we have received some great feedback about our support team members and how they have gone the extra mile to help callers achieve their goals especially around these new SkillsServe implementations. Thanks if you took the time to tell us what you thought; it can only help us improve, and for all the good comments the team has had that doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels. We know we still have plenty to do this year to make our support service world class. People generally don’t call the support team to tell us how well things are going. They usually call us because they are facing a challenge of some sort and they need a little help. Our next steps are to look at how, and more importantly when, we can offer that help. Our team has grown in the last month. Inevitably it will take some time for our new guys to get completely up-to-speed their input will allow us to go beyond only providing guidance and feedback when we receive calls, and to begin looking at proactive measures of empowering clients to help themselves by making information available for them to find without always needing to reach out to us first. This may take a little time but it will be one of many goals we work towards in the year ahead. Before you go, who are these wonderful people we keep hearing about that work on Support? supporteamcartoons_mar13-150x150

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