Sit back, relax and let Registration Rules do the work

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At Unicorn, we believe if you put in a little extra time at the start when setting up your activities and pathways, you'll then be able to sit back, relax and let the system do the work for you. One way of achieving this is by setting up Registration Rules.

Registrations Rules will automatically register users on to activities if the user meets the criteria you set. Such as registering new users on a welcome activity; or maybe you want to register all staff on mandatory eLearning and then reset their progress every 12 months to ensure they retake it annually; perhaps you only want to register users on to a face to face event once they've completed the preliminary eLearning; or do you only want to register specific users on to a relevant form as part of your T&C scheme?

To find out more about Registration Rules and how to set them up on your Unicorn LMS, why not book on to our Registration Rules webinar which takes place on the following dates throughout September and October:

  • 14 September at 10:30
  • 28 September at 14:30
  • 12 October at 10:30
  • 26 October at 14:30

Alternatively, our walk-through guide on the Help & Discussions Forum further explains what Registration Rules are and when to use them. Also available on the Help & Discussions Forum is a video guide for how to create a registration rule for new users or to create an annual registration rule.

To find out what other training webinars we offer, please view the schedule and email training@unicorntraining.com.


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