​Six weeks in the presence of Unicorns

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Our marketing intern Njoki looks back and reflects on the last six weeks with us at Unicorn, including what she's learnt and the work she's completed whilst she's been here.

Six weeks ago, I sat at this computer without a clue about what to expect from my time here at Unicorn Training. As my internship comes to an end, I have found that it has been both rewarding and applicable to the industry I plan to venture into. I began by digging into the eLearning industry and discovered how various different industries can benefit from digital-aided learning. Unicorn strives to make communication more appealing and adapted to suit digital learners and as one of my first tasks, Abi, Unicorn’s marketing manager encouraged me to write some content for the Unicorn blog about the importance of listening to learners on a cultural level. For more on this, read the blog post here.

Seeing the various departments that makeup Unicorn Training is impressive, in that there are several important facets of the company model. The people here all work harmoniously and truly know their stuff. It was great to have Lucy and Kelly from the marketing department around whenever I had a question or simply to discuss healthy pizza recipes and our respective love for pets. The people here are fuelled by tea and bowls of fruit brought in weekly. The work ethic in the office is excellent and I took a leaf out of that book. The focus is also aided by the delicious baked goods that show up on occasion. The most recent Halloween bake sale featured the likes of ‘Ginger-dead Men’ made by Katrina- animator by day and apparently, master baker by night.

Other than getting to enjoy some delicious treats, I also had the opportunity to conduct a thorough analysis and research project, which was not unlike some of the work I have done previously. However, learning the way this particular industry works gave me a new perspective on the marketing practices specific to service industries. I have learnt that innovative thinking is the basis of creativity, and the industry or purpose is irrelevant in this case. I not only learnt how to respect this but also how to be innovative when searching for relevant insights. I was then given the opportunity to present my findings, report and presentation to Lucy and Peter, Unicorn’s CEO. They applauded what I had to say and I appreciated the chance to share what I had learnt.

I have gotten better acquainted with Unicorn as a brand. By being able to appreciate the conversational but professional tone that Unicorn’s clients can connect with, I better understood the importance of branding and all of Unicorn’s differentiating factors when compared to other eLearning companies. Finally, working with Kayla, a digital designer, on Unicorn’s Christmas social media campaign was a fun experience. We got to bring Bob the Unicorn to life with some Unicorn-themed season’s greetings. On a different note, ever since I started here I have been noticing unicorn-themed merchandise and trinkets everywhere I would go; unicorns are not as elusive as I thought!

It would have been great to spend more time here and gain a wider scope of the work Unicorn does but all good things must come to an end. I have enjoyed my time and would like to thank everyone at Unicorn for accommodating and teaching me. I truly appreciate it.

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