SkillsServe 3.10 Release Notes

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1. Event Waiting List Management

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?The Event Waiting List Management release enhances the registered users’ area when managing an event and includes a new feature that enables event administrators to easily move users from one event to another.
How it works…Event administrators will now have additional options available to them when viewing registered users. These include:
  • Filtering by Registration status
  • Filtering by Completion status
  • Search Functionality
  • New Registration Date and Status columns

This page also includes an Actions drop-down menu that provides event administrators with the following options when users have been selected:

  • Mark user(s) as Attended/Not Attended
  • Cancel users
  • Change Event

The Change Event option is brand new functionality that allows event administrators to move users from one event to another. The process is simple and very easy to use:

If a CPD scheme is configured, event administrators can now set the CPD categories and recommended CPD hours when creating new events:

Why is this beneficial?Enhances the event management system by incorporating a more familiar look to the registered users area consistent with other types of activity as well as making it easy to move delegates to alternative event dates.
Default or Configurable?These changes automatically apply to the Event Management System on all versions 3.10+ sites.

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