SkillsServe 3.12 Release Notes

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1. Retired Questions

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?The Retired Questions release enhances the assessment creation/management area for administrators. Questions are frequently retired or updated due to changes in legislation and compliance rules; this release prevents associated assessments from ‘breaking’ and assists the administrator in altering affected assessments without impacting on their availability to the user.
How it works…On the day that questions are updated or retired by question bank authors an email is issued to each administrator who has created or modified assessments using the associated question bank. This email will list the assessments that have been affected by the update.

Each of these affected assessments will be tagged and marked in Content Manager as ‘Requires Attention’ both beside the Assessment name and also as a filter on the left of the screen. The assessment will remain available for users to launch and will continue to include retired questions until the administrator edits the assessment by selecting it from Content Manager.

The Details and Questions tab of the assessment are both marked as below:

Retired questions are identified when ‘Editing Questions’ so can easily be removed and alternatives added if required.

Within Reports you can now track individual questions through the ‘Question Status’ data field which shows as either ‘Active’ or ‘Retired’ for each question. Assessments can also be tracked through reports using the ‘Activity Validity’ data field which shows if the overall assessment is ‘Active’, ‘Invalid’ or ‘Requires Attention’. The ‘Invalid’ status relates to historic assessments that were affected by retired questions prior to this release.

Why is this beneficial?Previously an assessment would become ‘invalid’ if the required questions were retired thus preventing users from launching the assessment. Administrators would previously need to manually search within Content Manager to identify and update the invalid assessments. The 3.12 SkillsServe release ensures access to the assessment is uninterrupted for users whilst administrators are guided to assessments that ‘require attention’. Through the use of Assessment marking, Question marking and using the Filters administrators can easily identify and update assessments following question bank updates.
Default or Configurable?These changes automatically apply to the Content Manager area on all versions 3.12+ sites.

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