SkillsServe 3.13 Release Notes

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1. eBriefing Time Spent

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?The eBriefing Time Spent release enables the user to manually edit time spent for an eBriefing both up and down to reflect the actual amount of study time. Time spent studying eBriefings which have been printed out can therefore be accurately reflected in the system records. Previously only actual time spent viewing online was recorded and could not be changed.

How it works…

Within both the user’s CPD log and also the My Activities/To Do List the actual amount of time spent on an eBriefing is displayed as a default (image 1). You may wish to change this to more accurately reflect time spent studying the eBriefing.

Image 1- showing automatically recorded time spent in CPD Log

To make this change go to the My Activities/To Do List, filter on Completed/All activities to find the activity that you wish to amend. Open the Completion Status information drawer (image 2).

You are now able to amend the Time Spent and Completion Status by clicking on the relevant links. The Edit button also enables these fields to be amended but only appears if the eBriefing has already been completed.

Image 2 – showing the opened Completion Status drawer in the My Activities/To Do List (Edit button only appears if status is ‘Completed’)

Users are able to edit the amount of time spent up to a maximum value that is capped for each eBriefing as detailed in the Recommended CPD time. (Image 3)

Image 3 – editable details for eBriefing status, time spent and reflective statement.

The edited details now show in the CPD area (if used) and amended time reflected in the total CPD time.

Image 4 – showing revised time spent and total CPD hours

Why is this beneficial?

This development ensures the recorded study time correctly reflects the actual amount of time spent on an eBriefing regardless of the method of study (on-line or printed out).

Default or Configurable?

These changes automatically apply to all sites that use eBriefings as well as the CPD system.

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