SkillsServe 3.6 Release Notes

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1. CPD Activity Category Tagging

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?The CPD Activity Category Tagging project that will be included in the v3.6 release contains a new feature that allows client administrators to tag their own content with CPD categories. This means their staff will accrue CPD for completing the tagged activity.
How it works…Client administrators now have the ability to tag activities on SkillsServe with CPD Categories derived from the CPD Scheme that has been set up on the site.

To tag an activity, the administrator simply clicks on the activity name in the Content Manager then selects the Advanced Settings tab. Here they can select the CPD Activity Type and CPD Category from the drop-down menus.

These drop-down menus display the categories that have been set up in the CPD Scheme and include the filtering and default selection rules.

Validation is also in place to prevent the administrator from adding a number of CPD Hours/Value (depending on the scheme) to an activity without selecting any CPD Categories.

If the site is set up with a “Time Spent” CPD scheme the administrator does not need to apply a CPD value and a message will display above the drop-down menus advising that the Time Spent will track the CPD hours.

When a registered user then completes the activity it will appear in his/her CPD Log tagged with the chosen CPD categories.

Why is this beneficial?This is beneficial for client administrators who wish to apply and manage CPD values on their own activities.
Default or Configurable?The CPD tagging functionality can be configured to only display in certain activity types across the platform.
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