SkillsServe 3.7 Release Notes

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1. Performance Management System

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?

The original SkillsServe appraisal system has now evolved in to a brand new Performance Management System that that can be used for appraisals, one-to-one reviews, fact find observations and more.

How it works…

With the inclusion of a new employee initiated workflow and an updated Performance Template area, SkillsServe now offers a full performance management system that can be used to create and assign many types of performance forms to users.

Client administrators will now have the ability to create their own performance templates using a range of items, these include:

  • Single & multiple line text fields
  • Objectives
  • Tables
  • Date fields
  • A range of “multiple choice” fields
  • Read only text

Each of these items can be made mandatory to complete, can be amended so that only the employee, manager or both users can edit the item during the workflow process and can be optionally included to appear in print outs..

During the creation process, client administrators will be able to preview their performance forms before confirming that they are happy to publish them.

Once published these forms can easily be assigned to the employees. Depending on the type of form that has been created, these forms will appear in the employee’s training plan and within newly developed portlets on the homepage as the workflow progresses.

Why is this beneficial?

This is ideal for clients who wish to move away from a paper-based performance/appraisal process that can be easily completed and managed online.

Default or Configurable?This is a configurable feature that is available on all SkillsServe v3.7 sites.

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