SkillsServe 4.22 Release Notes

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We’re pleased to announce SkillsServe 4.22 launched in June 2014.

What’s new in this version?

Configuring the Forms/Appraisal Tab

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?This is an upgrade to the Forms/Appraisals tab that is visible when managing users’ profiles.
How it works…It’s now possible to use Categories in SkillsServe to configure the Forms/Appraisals tab when looking at a user’s profile so it only shows administrators and managers the Forms and Appraisals that are relevant to certain Categories.

If this has not been configured then all forms and appraisals will show in this section by default.

Why is this beneficial?This means that you can organise and customise the Forms/Appraisals tab and filter out any that may not be entirely relevant to what you want administrators and managers to see.
Default or configurable?This is a configurable part of SkillsServe 4.22. For more information please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0844 800 3316.


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