SkillsServe 5.5 Release Notes

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Simplified Question Bank Uploading

BenefitsWe've made question bank uploading easier by simplifying the question bank template. There is now less for you to do to create new question banks or update existing ones.
How it worksFor new question banks, simply download our new CSV template file and add your questions, answers and categories as normal.

We've removed the need to include the question bank name, code and modified date in the question file. The upload will now check to see if there have been any changes to the questions in the file and, if there are, it will automatically update the questions in SkillsServe.

When questions in the downloaded question bank spreadsheet are changed in any column, row or cell, and then the bank is re-uploaded, the system automatically archives the old version of the question and creates a new version. This will automatically update any assessments using the question whilst preserving previous question attempts to ensure you are able to report on the specific version of a question a candidate answered.

Remember, whenever you need to update questions, always download the question bank from SkillsServe before making amendments. This will ensure you are using the correct template and the latest version of questions. Likewise, when creating new banks, always download the latest version of the question bank template (as shown in the image above) before creating new question banks as this will ensure you benefit from any improvements being made.

How to get thisThis feature has been released and can be used now when uploading questions, for more information please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0800 0556586.

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