SkillsServe 5.9 Release Note

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This release includes a series of minor enhancements that have been frequently requested to help day to day administrative tasks.

What does it include?

  • Default calendar reminder added to events ics file for Outlook - When your learners save an Outlook invite from a SkillsServe event email they will now receive an automatic reminder alert ahead of the event start date
  • Enhancements to form PDF printing - Improved layout when printing any completed forms to PDF, such as appraisals, one to one's etc.
  • Support for importing delegations - You can now choose to include delegated manager/supervisor relationships within your ad-hoc or automatic data feeds
  • Pathway data source enhanced to support filtering by child activity - This provides greater flexibility when analysing pathway progress reports, allowing you to easily focus in on specific child activities
  • Cost centre field added to key report data sources - Keep track and report against Cost Centre within your most commonly used reports
  • Rendering of report output directly within emails - When scheduling a report from SkillsServe you can now opt to render the information directly within the body of the email as opposed to as an attachment
  • More intelligent scheduled emails - You can now opt for scheduled emails to only be issued when there is relevant new data to review
  • Additional hierarchy reporting option - The SkillsServe reporting tool now provides you with the option to include up to 6 hierarchy levels from the top down, making it far easier to report over extensive corporate hierarchies that are not alwayse consistent
  • New hierarchy picker in report filters - This new filter options allows you to quickly and easily use a single report to analyse distinct areas of your business hierarchy
  • Lockable filters within reports - When creating reports you can now choose to lock down your filters to pre-define the available data-set by particular criteria, locked filters will not be visible on the report output page
  • Improved integration with 3rd parties through increased API support - SkillsServe now provides increased API support for 3rd party integrations, including the automatic creation of users and organisation hierarchy

For further guidance please refer to our Knowledge Base guide.

How do I get it?

These features are now live and will follow a scheduled rollout to current clients over the next couple of months. For further information about how this change will affect you, please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0800 055 6586 .

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