SkillsServe Praised By Independent Report

SkillsServe Praised By Independent Report An independent review of SkillsServe, our online learning management system, has praised its usability and described customer feedback as “overwhelmingly positive”. The review was undertaken by industry experts, elearnity, whose Vendor Perspectives are the only UK/European-focused, independent, in-depth analysis of innovation in Learning and Talent Management Technologies. The report concluded that the main appeal of the solution is its ease of use for both learners and administrators alike, and highlighted how this proposition is enhanced by SkillsServe’s low cost of ownership which comes from competitive pricing. elearnity also found that the success of Unicorn’s professional partnerships, particularly in the financial services sector, had “masked it’s value as a standalone product.” The report said: “Although not marketed as a separate LMS solution, SkillsServe is a fully featured LMS solution. Those organisations that have purchased it on that basis have found it to be a surprisingly capable solution, especially when compared to other mid-market providers. SkillsServe has proven to be highly scalable. “One of the real strengths of the system is it has been designed to be easy to use and as intuitive as possible. The use of portlets within SkillsServe works well and organisations can easily configure the interface to allow users to easily and quickly access the areas most important to them. From an administrative perspective, the system is simple to master. “The system itself is very stable and with the load balancing used on the multi-tenancy site performance is always responsive. Customers cite very minimal downtime outside of scheduled upgrades and maintenance. “ As well as praising Unicorn’s commitment to continually enriching the sophistication of SkillsServe, the report states that the system offers good value for money. It also highlighted some of SkillsServe’s key functional benefits, in particular the in-built e-briefings tool and CPS functionality. It continued: “SkillsServe offers a comprehensive feature set combined with a stable and robust platform. “Using the e-briefings tool, administrators can create very simple pieces of online learning The functionality is very similar to PowerPoint and there is the opportunity to add simple text and graphics as well as incorporate a quiz. Having this inbuilt functionality could be a real bonus for those companies wanting to very easily and rapidly produce and distribute content with SCORM tracking. “ “Of particular note is the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) functionality that has been incorporated within the system and this is entirely configurable to meet an organisation's needs." To read the full report click here

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