SkillsServe Quarterly Roadmap Update

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It’s been three months since our last roadmap update so it’s time to look at what’s coming up soon.

Before we do, here’s a recap from our last quarterly roadmap – all of these items have now been released:

  • eCreator
  • Multiple CPD Schemes
  • Report API
  • Catalogue Library Management
  • Enhanced User Security
  • Form Snapshots

The release notes are available on our SkillsServe Blog

Here are some of the great new features we’re working to deliver over the coming months:

Programme Builder and Catalogue Enhancements

We’re redesigning the catalogue and content management areas of SkillsServe to make it even easier to build programmes and register yourself or your staff onto appropriate learning and assessments. It will also make organising your own content easier than ever.

eCreator Enhancements

We’ve had a fantastic response to the launch of the eCreator and have been working hard to incorporate your feedback. Most of the enhancements focus on usability such as making it easier to navigate between pages when editing and seeing which templates have been used. We will continue to enhance the eCreator with ease of use being our most important goal.

Objectives Ratings for Performance and T&C Forms

Due to popular demand we’re adding the ability to add ratings to objectives within forms. This means objectives can now have a configurable selection list with values that you choose when setting up the form template. These can be used for ratings or anything else you’d like to have a predefined select for, such as using them for aligning to company-wide objectives.

eCreator and eBook Offline Access

We’ve been working on a mobile and tablet App providing offline access to eCreator courses enabling you to study when you don’t have an internet connection – great for travelling by train or plane. When you next have a connection the App will send your usage data to SkillsServe to award CPD and enable reporting.

Diagnostic Assessments

Our new diagnostics assessments will enable you to automatically build assessments from your programmes and courses to help identify knowledge gaps. This will help measure the improvement in knowledge between taking the diagnostic and assessing the individual after completing identified learning.

New ContentServe

Our new and significantly improved ContentServe solution will be launched early next year. This enables some of our best SkillsServe features and content to be made available to users on your legacy learning management system. This includes programmes with our graphical pathways, eCreator courses, video upload and tracking, robust assessment system and detailed reporting. In addition to the great SkillsServe features, this also enables you to link to our compliance off the shelf content ensuring your users always have access to the latest content without you having to upload a new course every time a piece of legislation changes.


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