SkillsServe Release Notes 5.4

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This release of SkillsServe includes an improvement to the Question Bank feature of the LMS providing additional options for question categorisation.

Question Bank feature extended to enable the use of multiple category groups

BenefitsPreviously when uploading questions to SkillsServe it was only possible to specify the categorisations within a single category group. It is now possible to include multiple category groups, this will enable a user to filter and locate questions based on multiple criteria when creating assessments.

For example a question may be placed into a category group that defines the topic the question is related to and also into a category group that defines the difficulty level of the question. When an administrator is searching for questions to place into an assessment they will be able to select the question relating to the right topic of study and at the correct level of difficulty for the audience that the question is intended for.

How it worksQuestion Banks can be both downloaded from and uploaded to SkillsServe in CSV format. There is a CSV formatted file template that can be downloaded from the Question Bank area of the LMS.

To use multiple category groups, the names of the groups must be used as the column headers, if a question fits more than one category within the group then there needs to be more than one column for that category group.

For more information and guidance about this feature please refer to our Knowledge Base Article.

How to get thisThis feature has been released and can be used now when uploading questions, for more information please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0844 800 3316.


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