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What’s new?

We’re always excited to tell you what new features and helpful improvements are on the horizon for SkillsServe, and we thought now was a great time to share what’s coming up next! Before we do that here’s a quick recap of what’s happened since our last roadmap update – our clients, hopefully including you - are already starting to make the most of these new features.

  • Past objectives for performance and T&C forms – a great new time-saving feature giving you the ability to pull in past and continuing objectives, actions or development needs into new forms, helping you keep sight of what’s been achieved and is still outstanding. Find out more.
  • Objective dropdown lists for forms - additional options added allowing managers to be more specific with objective/action status.
  • Branded HTML emails - use SkillsServe to send out professionally branded emails. Find out more.
  • Authenticated login to a third-party site via SkillsServe – simpler and easier integration between different systems. Find out more.
  • ContentServe launched - enables some of our best SkillsServe features and content, including illustrated pathways, eCreator courses, video upload and tracking and reporting to be made available to users on your legacy LMS. ContentServe links directly to the latest version of our off-the-shelf compliance content so you know users are always up-to-date.
  • An even more creative eCreator – now extra user friendly with improved template functionality and options to make your DIY-courses look ever more professional and effective.
  • Weighted marking - instead of a fixed measure of points assigned to correct and incorrect answers, you can now award specific points per type of answer. For example if you want to mark a right answer +3, you can mark a wrong one -1. Find out more.
  • Custom Fields for Organisations - Record additional information about an organisation, and report on this information at organisation level and for anyone belonging to that organisation. This can be used for information like cost centre, renewal dates, additional contact details or anything else you might need to record that you can’t currently. Find out more

You can find out more about any of these by checking out the release notes on our SkillsServe Blog.

That was then, this is NOW…

Over the next couple of months you will see these new features appear within SkillsServe:

Brand New Catalogue & Content Manager with advanced Pathway Builder & Diagnostic Tools

SkillsServe’s new catalogue structure will make it even easier for you to build a new pathway and register yourself or staff onto appropriate learning and assessments. Hopefully most of you will have heard about this already, or even seen it demonstrated? If not we can do that for you.

The new pathway assessments mean you will automatically be able to build assessments based on your pathway content in just two clicks. To identify knowledge gaps within a certain set of courses you can set up a diagnostic assessment - a type of pre-assessment - to highlight learning points, or complete the training if passed. This will help measure improvements in knowledge between taking the diagnostic and assessing the individual after completing the identified learning.

SkillsServe App

The finishing touches are just being applied to our new SkillsServe App, which will give you access to your training plan and eCreator courses through your mobile device, 24/7 whether online or accessing downloaded content to complete offline. We are very excited about the potential and flexibility the new App gives our clients, and the development of SkillsServe into the future as we add new types of content for offline access.

Looking a little bit ahead…

In a perfect world we would be doing everything we want to yesterday! But as everyone knows, there are only 27 hours in a day ;) – so these are some of the projects we’re already looking forward to getting our teeth into over the next few months:

Activity Ratings & Comments

Users will be able to review and rate content allowing other users to see the recommendations and comments when searching content to register for. Administrators will get a better grasp of what content is popular amongst your learners and what could be improved, with all feedback collated in one place. It also means fewer emails to sort through! Bonus!


We operate in a global marketplace and the demand for multilingual versions of SkillsServe and content is increasing. This year the aim is to integrate no fewer than five different languages into SkillsServe, with the versatility to add more into the future.

SkillsServe App update

Before the new App’s even launched we know how we want to make it even better! This phase of its development is planned to give you the ability to brand your SkillsServe App, make more activities available via the App, and those that will not yet be available should link to the browser so can still be accessed online.


As if all that isn’t enough to keep us out of trouble, there are a few other things underway later this year too. Here’s a sneak peak of a couple…

Social learning & tutor support

We always want to keep making SkillsServe a more interactive and engaging place for your learners to visit and incorporating social learning is a big part of this. We’re currently conducting some research into the best way to do this and how we can implement the solutions in the most user-friendly and fun way. Watch this space!

Responsive design

Although it feels like our lives are already ruled by mobile devices these are only going to get smarter and even more integral to how the world functions every day. This will make content even easier to access on the move. We want to bring SkillsServe fully up-to-date with the latest responsive methods to ensure SkillsServe is accessible to you on every step of your journey to and from work and at home! But not on your holidays OK? For more information please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0844 800 3316.


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