STOP PRESS: Doubts Cast Over 2013 Qakar Duck Race After Splatter Quits!

STOP PRESS: Doubts Cast Over 2013 Qakar Duck Race After Splatter Quits! greatduckrace2013 copy“If you ask me there something fishy going on. I doubt if it is purely coincidental that this announcement comes six months to the day after Dewey Cheetham was elected to the 2013 bid evaluation committee.” This was the reaction in the respected Duck Racing Post the day the little-known desert state of ‘Qakar’ was awarded The Great Duck Race 2013 amid accusations of bribery and corruption. And it now seems the outcry and suspicion that greet this controversial decision was justified after the shock resignation of Bepp Splatter, President of the Feathered International Frolicking Association (FIFA), last week. Ace reporter Bill Platypus’ can now reflect on with pride his exposé in the Duck Racing Post, which saw him collar Cheetham aboard his new superyacht moored off the coast of Qakar and put to him the surprise nature of the committee’s decision given the complete lack of suitable, or indeed any, rivers in the desert state. fm8r0895However, despite its dubious build up, The Great Duck Race 2013 actually proved a big hit as guests at the 2013 eLearning Awards enjoyed the chance to go quackers and take a punt on a racing duck, as we demonstrated our expertise in fun learning and game design as the awards' official Game Sponsors for two years running. Even back in 2012, when The Great Duck Race was born we knew what lay at the heart of great learning, and nothing's changed, shown by our new partnership with Amuzo Games! Twitter_duck_03_beachBut while the Great Duck Races of 2012 and 2013 were a tongue-in-cheek animated example of how games can be built into any good learning and development programme, with Amuzo we're showing you that you don't have to create Lara Croft to produce a great learning game. Have you seen Amuzo's guide to designing a learning game? Nope? Here you go!  Designing A Learning Game – Where Do You Start?? This is the third of a series of blogs giving you an insight into just how easy it is to make learning fun, using basic gaming principles and introducing elements of gamification. [caption id="attachment_4110" align="alignright" width="300"]Abbreviations Game in progress Abbreviations Game in progress[/caption] Under the handle Project #P2L – otherwise known as the Abbreviation Game  - you can discover how we all learn from games, even when we don’t realise it. So while Splatter, Cheetham and their cronies get into a flap about brown envelopes, re-live the drama of the 2012 Great Duck Race! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df4U36lGur0

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