STUDYserve™ 4 Launched

STUDYserve™ 4 Launched The latest major upgrade to Unicorn's proprietary LMS platform "STUDYserve™ 4.0" was rolled out to clients this week.

The new STUDYserve™ includes new versions of the Chartered Insurance Institute e-learning platforms ed. (http://www.ed.cii.co.uk/) and Broker Assess ( http://www.brokerassess.co.uk/)

The upgrade introduces some significant improvements to the site navigation, which has been made simpler, more intuitive and more attractive.

Click on the link for a short tour of the new Ed. platform


There are three significant changes for organisation administrators : Dashboard, Selection Groups and Report Centre.

Dashboard enables administrators to see a quick summary of users in a specific selection group. There are currently 4 views: Overview, CPD, Company Assessment and Learning, providing up to the minute information.

Selection Groups enable the creation of custom groups of users for the purposes of reporting, dashboard and assigning assessments. This functionality will shortly be extended to include the organisation email and group planners.

Report Centre is an extensible reporting framework. It enables administrators to generate a new range of reports on demand and have the results stored online or sent via email. These reports can be scheduled to run in the future or at regular intervals.

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