Summer 2018 Roadmap Update

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What's New?

We've had a very busy year adding lots of improvements and new features to the Unicorn LMS. Here is a recap of some of the highlights this year:

  • eCreator 2.0 - Major update of the capabilities and user experience enabling significantly richer eLearning course creation. It includes features like drag and drop course editing, pop up editing and placement, embedding audio and video and adding animations.
  • New Staff Dashboard - New staff page with visual progress indicators for CPD and activity completion highlighting and overdue activities
  • Responsibilities Map - A brand new feature to support the Senior Managers Regime for FCA regulated firms. It enables the creation and version control of your organisation Responsibilities Map and Statement of Responsibilities for your senior managers.
  • Theme Builder - Customers can apply their branding to the LMS, pathways and eCreator themselves using the ThemeBuilder
  • Learning Path - The companion mobile app for Unicorn LMS is available in the app stores. It supports offline eCreator courses, online activities and automatically applies the customer branding.
  • Site Settings - We made some significant improvements to the Site Settings to enable customers to manage more of the LMS setup themselves. This includes the ability to turn many features on or off and to manage individual settings for the features.
  • Languages - Unicorn LMS now supports 8 languages and lots of enhancements have been made to support different languages for learners including language pathways for automatically allocating learning in the learner's preferred language and setting language preferences when creating new users.

Coming Soon

There are many new features coming to the Unicorn LMS later this year:

Multiple Legal Entities for Responsibilities Map

Our Responsibilities Map tool has had lots of very positive feedback including from companies with large and complex organisational structures. Therefore, we are in the process of adding support for multiple legal entities which enables more than one responsibilities map to be created and managed. It will enable senior managers to be represented across multiple legal entities with different senior manager functions and responsibilities.

More flexible reporting lines for Responsibilities Map

Greater control over the organisational structure diagram for the responsibilities map feature including adding the ability to add dotted line reporting and customising the layout to add additional elements such as how different organisational populations feed into the map.

Online Invoicing

We are adding support for online invoices to be generated for eCommerce sales. This will enable people who make payments to download a PDF invoice automatically and for administrators to brand and customise the invoice. It will provide improved financial transaction management, including searching and filtering of transactions for administrators. It will also display a payment history for people making payments.

eCreator Enhancements

Further enhancements are coming to the eCreator, including better support for the new features within the existing templates. In addition, we are adding a Copy Page button which will enable you to re-use your page layouts within a course.

Learning Path Update

A major update to the Learning Path app including support for the languages the LMS provides as well as further improving the user experience such as launching online activities within the app instead of the browser.

Form Workflow Enhancements

Significant improvements to the form work flows such as the ability to have more flexible workflows, multiple users collaborating on a stage and automatically pulling information from the user profile - including information which can be fed from another system. This will make performance management, T&C solutions and the forthcoming Certification Regime solution much more flexible and capable.

Fit and Proper Assessments for Certification Regime

Providing Fit and Proper Assessments to support the Certification Regime will enable you to combine online and offline activity automatically into a form workflow to issue annual Fit and Proper certificates to your user populations covered by the Certification Regime. A new wizard will help you build and configure your Fit and Proper Assessment form letting you decide where key information pulls from - for example the CPD log, online activity, externally imported data or manually recorded in the form.

Looking ahead

Once the above items are all released we will be focusing on a number of different areas. Here are a sample of some of the things that are coming up early next year:

Self-Service Email Templates and Improved Email Management

Ability for administrators to customise system emails directly and to preview and have visibility of which emails are in use. Create re-usable email templates for reminder emails including ability to translate them.

Preview Registration Rules

See who will currently be included by a registration rule before it runs.

Centralised Registration Rules

Manage all registration rules centrally - see which rules are running, when they last ran and the ability to create new rules across multiple activities at once.

Event Management Enhancements

Greater integration with Microsoft Outlook, improve user experience for managing and creating events. Improved event survey support.

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