Summer 2019 Roadmap Update

Summer 2019 Roadmap Update

What have we done?

It's been a busy year adding lots of new features and functionality to the Unicorn LMS. Here's a recap of some of the highlights from the past year:

  • Forms and Workflows - Form Templates have seen significant improvement in the last year to provide support for organisations subject to the Certification Regime and enhancing all other scenarios. We improved the Form Template editor introducing editable workflows, which allow you to build flexible Form Templates with multiple stages, stage owners and contributors. We've included elements of automation, such as pushing and pulling CPD or mandatory training data from a User's profile. Most recently, we have added the ability to validate fields, allowing you to define acceptable and unacceptable responses to fields.
  • eCreator improvements - we are continuously improving our eCreator authoring tool - this year we added the ability to copy pages, duplicate image and text panels, undo and redo actions, snap panels into position, add alt text, upload .gif files, change the transparency of images and resize images to fit or fill the frame.
  • Responsibilities Map enhancements - building on our Senior Managers Regime tool, we introduced support for multiple legal entities, and enabled greater control over organisational structure including the ability to add dotted line managers.
  • Diagnostic Assessment enhancements - with the introduction of Likert-scale style Question Banks and the ability to create multiple attempt standalone Diagnostic Assessments, you can create 'gap analysis' assessments to promote continuous, learner-driven self-assessment.
  • New My Team Activity Dashboard - improvements to the dashboard, giving Line Managers and Administrators greater control over their staff activity on the LMS, including new filters and an improved look and feel.
  • Site Settings - more self-service features for Super Administrators, including Mandatory Training, Self-Registration options for individuals and organisations, Single Sign-On setup, view and manage emails and grouping Personal Custom Fields into different tabs within a User's profile.
  • Certificate enhancements - the ability to set expiry dates for Certificates and greater control over Certificate content and style. You can also create email reminders to be sent on a specified time frame before or after the certificate is due to expire.
  • minds-i and Learning Path apps - minds-i, our learning reinforcement app, is now fully integrated with the Unicorn LMS. We also made enhancements to the Learning Path app, including the ability to view eCreator courses offline as well as online.
  • Pivot table reports - you can now build pivot tables when creating a chart report.
  • eCommerce improvements - major redesign of the eCommerce user experience, including the introduction of online invoicing.

Forms and Workflows - The ability to pull user's CPD information into forms is one of the many new features for Form Templates

Diagnostic Assessment Ehancements - creating gap analysis style assessments with Likert-scale questions is one of the recent enhancements to Diagnostic Assessments

What's coming soon?

We're working on a lot of new features to further support the Certification Regime. Here is a preview of what's coming soon

  • Person Category Management - Super Administrators will be able to create and manage Category Groups, such as Certified Functions, in Site Setting and assign Users to categories individually or in bulk.
  • My Actions - a new view of all Forms requiring input available within the My Team Activity Dashboard and a new portlet on the home page. This will allow all contributors to easily interact with a Form.
  • User Groups for form workflows - Ability to select User Groups and Roles to be used as actors or contributors in a form workflow.
  • Additional reporting lines - improved reporting line functionality to allow for multiple User/Manager relationships, for example a T&C Supervisor. You will be able to view both upwards and downwards-looking reporting lines from within the User profile. Additional reporting lines will also be used as actors or contributors in a form workflow.
  • Pull Person Categories into Forms - the ability to pull Person Categories into a Form to record what categories e.g. Certified Functions are assigned to the User at the point the Form is completed.
  • Pull Form fields into Certificates - the ability to pull Form fields into the Certificate attached to the Form activity, e.g. a list of functions the User is being certified for.

Coming Soon - My Actions; allows users to easily view all forms which is awaiting an action from them

Looking ahead

Once the above features have been released we will be focusing on a number of different areas. Here's a sample of some of the things you can expect to see later this year and into the start of 2020:

Registration Rule enhancements

The ability to manage all Registration Rules centrally - see which rules are running, when they last ran and the ability to create new rules across multiple activities at once. Administrators will be able to see who will be registered to Activity or Activities before the Registration Rule has run.

Self-service email templates and improved email management

The ability for Administrators to customise system emails directly and to preview and have visibility of which emails are in use across the LMS. Administrators will be able to create reusable templates for Email Reminders including the ability to easily translate them.

Event management enhancements

We're planning to provide greater integration with Microsoft Outlook, including the ability to cancel event registration using a link within the calendar reminder, and improve the user experience for managing and creating Events.

Look out for more product announcements at Access World in November 2019.

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