#TBT - The 5 Tastiest Morsels From Unicorn Client Day

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This time last week over 100 of us were gathered again at King's Place in that there London for the 2015 Unicorn Client Day. So in case you missed out here's a wee recap on some of the highlights.

1) Blended learning rules ok!

Are you one of the seemingly many people who think of 'blended learning' as being stuck in the '80s and early '90s, when eLearning was a bit clunky and painful.

philippagrocott_clientday15_webPhilippa Grocott from our partners FSTP admitted to being one of those people, but she convincingly stated the case for why 'blended learning' should be given another chance, explaining how we and FSTP are working together to help businesses impacted by the Accountability Regime tackle the challenges of Senior Management Responsibilities, code of conduct, certification etc.

In her later workshops, Philippa went on to question and challenge perceptions around T&C and performance management.

'Blended learning' or just common sense, what you call it doesn't really matter, but the outcomes are doing the business.

2) Hackers are having a 'whale' of a time

audience_clientday_oct15_webYou'd have had to have been living on Mars not to have heard about the Talk Talk security breach.

This was all rather timely as Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience, AXELOS Global Best Practice addressed the human factor in cyber resilience.

Nick called cybercrime the "crime of our generation" and promptly horrified us all with just how prevalent attempted security breaches actually are. We might hear about the headline catastrophes that affect millions of customers, he explained, but major companies suffer "whaling attacks" hundreds of times day and it's not just customer data criminals are after.

Then the bombshell that the ‘Human Factor’ accounts for 90% of breaches - if attendees were in any doubt as to the importance of a robust cyber resilience strategy and training programme before Nick stood up they weren't by the time he had concluded...

3) A good LMS can still make all the difference

timpurcellaxa_clientday_oct15_webIn a market swamped with LMSs is it any wonder buyers' eyes glaze over when the newest vendor rides into town promising all the whistles and bells to cure all their ills?

But in a restoration of faith, Samantha Ridgewell, Talent and Development Advisor at Liberty - the specialty (re)insurer) not the clothing company! - and Tim Purcell, Transformation and Best Practice Manager, AXA Insurance, gave fascinating insights into how their new SkillsServe platforms had been conceived, implemented and received.

UX and personalisation were huge for both as were the importance of regular updates to the site look and feel and giving the site a personality that reflected the environment they work in and the people they work with day in day out. Most critically, you should never lose sight of the fact you are educating people and challenging the boundaries of the best way to do that.

4) Games are on!

abbgame_clientday_oct15_webWith two of the day's most popular workshops the interest in learning games was obvious.

Delegates were encouraged to download and play 'The Abbreviation Game' app game developed with our games partners Amuzo as a prototype to showcase the effectiveness of learning games, and the buzz around the whole concept of using actual games - not simply just gamification, for they are different - in learning was tangible throughout the day.

Mike Hawkyard, Amuzo MD, not only ran the workshops but in his talk banged out the somewhat mind-blowing nugget that 82% of time spent on mobile devices is on apps! Gen Y are the workforce of tomorrow and people love to play - mix all that together and what you get is an fairly hefty hunch that games, and how you deliver them, surely have a huge future in learning.

Why not download The Abbreviation Game for your Apple or Android device and have a cheeky play now!

5) The Road Ahead

stuartjones_clientday_oct15_webUltimately what most people want to from client day is what is coming next in SkillsServe.

With the majority of delegates existing SkillsServe users or Unicorn clients looking at platform possibilities, the day provides a great chance to network and share ideas and experiences of the good and bad and get inspired to think about things they may never have considered.

Part of this includes hearing what is coming next in SkillsServe development and Stuart Jones, Unicorn IT Director, and our new Lead UX Designer, Aswad Charles, provided an insight into the importance of responsive and adaptive mobile ready design in creating a more personal, empathetic cross-platform learning experience for every learner.

Diagnostic functionality, language support, social aspects and the next generation of our SkillsServe app, all underpinned with a ‘mobile first’ approach – start thinking about UX on smallest screen and scale upwards - were all on the agenda as the roadmap for this year was rolled out.

This is just the 'tabloid' soundbite digest of Client Day, to get the full 'broadsheet' lowdown read our full '#UTGForum updates' blog here.

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