The Future of eLearning with Craig Weiss, Part II

The Future of eLearning with Craig Weiss, Part II craig weissIn the second part of our exclusive interview with eLearning guru Craig Weiss, Craig reveals how he got into eLearning and how his education space experiences helped him foresee the future of the industry. Watch the video here. We caught up with Craig during his first ever UK seminar, supported by eLearning Age, where he uncovered his thoughts and predictions as to what online learning will look like in 2020. In the first part of this video series Craig provided an overview of the boom and bust growth areas he anticipates, all of which have implications for how eLearning is designed and how companies deliver online training to employees in the very near future. And don't forget, you can tell us your views on the future of eLearning on our LinkedIn page. Read more... Forget Just 2014, Here's 6 Things We Foresee For Next 25 Years! Weiss Paints Picture of eLearning in 2020 eLearning Will Be The Industry For Learning By 2020 Live Blog: Craig Weiss eLearning Seminar Has The UK eLearning Sector Got Complacent?

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