The Future of Game-based Learning White Paper

The Future of Game-based Learning White Paper

We explore the trend of games and gamification in learning, including their purpose, behavioural outcomes and benefits, against current trends and forecasts in our white paper The Future of Games-based Learning.

In the workplace, game-based learning and mobile learning (or mLearning) have been increasing in popularity for some time. As outlined in our Learning Ecosphere white paper we are now at a point where our community is rightly excited by the potential of collaborative learning, point-of need performance support, serious games and even augmented reality as technology continues to enable new ways for people to learn.

This white paper will look at the place of games in balancing the left and right hand side of the Learning Ecosphere – the enterprise and the learner focused, the push and the pull. Where organisations need to push specific learning to their employees, they want to deliver this in a way that is engaging and effective. Ensuring learners are choosing what they learn, when they learn it and on what devices is an important part of ensuring maximum engagement.

We conducted research with Bournemouth University into the prospects that gaming and serious games present within the learning world. Our white paper is not intended to provide definitive answers or a magic formula for companies wanting to branch into games, rather deliver an insight into the real-life, on-the-ground challenges and opportunities the eLearning industry faces in combining fun with learning substance.

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