The LMS is dead ....... oh, no it isn't etc..

The LMS is dead ....... oh, no it isn't etc.. As Mark Twain once remarked "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated".

A current hot topic in the industry is the claim that "The LMS is dead".

The main argument appears to be that the days of central control of learning are over as we are all part of the cloud / crowd / social network and that we learn by exploring and communing on the Web.

Back in the real world, my own perception is that (at least in our sectors), the need for companies to ensure that their staff are competent and comply with regulations and legislation is increasing, and that our customers are more concerned than ever to manage this centrally to ensure that training is completed consistently and that they can monitor and report on this.

Its interesting that one of the most strong proponents of open source / Web 2.0 community, Kineo is just launching their new corporate LMS.

Here's a more comprehensive case for the defence.


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