Top Tips for Learning @ Work Week!

Top Tips for Learning @ Work Week!

Here at Unicorn we have rainbows in our eyes and are becoming even more sparkly, as Learning at Work Week is just around the corner. Which for us, as creators of award-winning learning solutions, is as good as Christmas.

Learning at Work Week is wholly dedicated to building a learning culture and embracing the importance of continuous learning and development for your staff, managers, manager’s managers... You get the picture.

We don’t need to tell you how important a learning culture is within your business. It shows you truly value your people, it helps encourage curiosity and engagement, and it can motivate your employees to strive for improvement.

This year’s theme is ‘Shaping the Future’, open, ready and active. See Campaign for Learning’s background on this theme to think about how you use the three strands.

So, how can you get involved? As a Unicorn customer, you have an immersive solution in your power to utilise and support you to make this week (and learning thereafter) a success. See below for our top tips!

Internal communications is key; spread the word far and wide using emails, posters, newsletters, team meeting updates, intranet etc. Get the message out there now for your people to buy in on the very first day. Click here to download and use Campaign for Learning’s ready-made graphics and posters.

Advertise the week and resources on the sliding banner! This will grab people’s attention when they login, ingrain the event in their minds and direct them to the learning activities. How to add a sliding banner
Use the inbuilt event management system to schedule a workshop. Perhaps you have an external/internal speaker or want to arrange a Lunch & Learn with an open invitation on a subject or to take a course together. Trust us - free food is a great motivator to bring in the numbers, but whatever works right?! Follow up the event with a survey for feedback. How to create an event / How to create a survey

Promote the resources you have for staff in the form of FREE personal development eBooks from Bookboon, ready to download and read from any device, and covering stress and time management, connecting with people, goal keeping and more.

The average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day, yes, 47! At least one of those interactions could be spent completing learning on the go via the FREE Learning Path app where your staff can download and access their training plans. Enable the Learning Path app

Have a ‘learn it, pass it on-athon’ – Task individuals with learning something new and sharing this knowledge. It could be how to create a pivot table in a spreadsheet using your FREE access to our Microsoft Time2Study modules or a hot regulatory update in your FREE Advice Matters issue (launching May).
Explore the great content on offer within our extensive Course Collection. Here you can find a whole host of courses designed to build awareness and upskill in key areas such as cybersecurity, customer service or workplace wellbeing. Use the course collection to produce a list of recommended courses mapped to policies, job roles, development needs, company values, or customer outcomes.

Managers like to learn too! The people who lead us are fundamental in unlocking potential and driving behavioural change. Support your management team within their role in training and developing staff.
How about:
  • Training for Non-trainers", "Coaching & Mentoring” or “Motivation & Effective Feedback” from our partners MicroLearn
  • Or, Every Day Learning”, “Difficult Conversations” or “Managing Discipline” from Video Arts (view taster videos here!)
Give staff the Gift of Time – this is where you get time away from your normal day job for personal development. Staff can log this on the Unicorn LMS to demonstrate how it helps them in their role. For the stubborn or hectic, put a KitKat on everyone’s desk and say ‘take a break – do some eLearning for YOURSELF!’

Along with the gentle bribery* of free food why not up the ante with a competition?! Teams and individuals can be challenged to record the most unstructured CPD on the LMS, self-register and complete the most modules, gain a required % level on an assessment, provide useful feedback on an activity and more. All of this is easily trackable using our powerful reporting wizard to save you scratching up your tally charts. How to run a report
*note - not serious bribery, we have a great course in our Governance, Risk and Compliance library “Countering Bribery and Corruption” for anyone who might be concerned :)
Create your own bespoke eLearning or assessment using the integrated authoring tool eCreator and question bank upload facility. How to use the eCreator/How to upload a question bank

Use our readymade QuizCom app to create and distribute unlimited game-show themed quizzes. Swipe left and right to learn and compete. Then submit scores to a live leaderboard. See here for how we used QuizCom to get people queuing around the block to win a Unicorn at this year's Learning Technologies exhibition.
Open a discussion for everyone using the Discussions forum on the LMS to encourage ideas and feedback i.e. how induction could be improved, simplifying processes, learning requirements. Nominate an ‘Expert’ to answer queries and offer direction. How to start a discussion/How does Ask The Expert work

Set up a Learning tombola to pick out popular topics daily throughout the week to learn about, post the ‘winning’ topic each day on the sliding banner with links to resources within the LMS or on your own intranet.

And breathe.

Now you have a few of our ideas and your brains have probably gone into overdrive thinking of all the possibilities and ways to ensure you have an engaging and inspiring week. Pick our brains too - contact your Customer Success Manager today to discuss any of the above and use our extensive Help portal for instruction guides.

Have a great week, we’ll see you on the other side.


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Steph Hopwood

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