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Unicorn Client Day - LIVE BLOG Mark Jones is bringing the day to a close..... Everyone being encouraged to download the YUDU Unicornucopia App? Check it out here! Also a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made the effort to come along and get involved. No one is ever shy about telling us and everyone else about what they think - good and could do better! - at these days and that's such a help to everyone. We hope you enjoyed it and got as much out of it as we did. Oh and congratulations to JLT who won the competition to provide us with a storyboard that we've converted into a ready-made course. We created the course in Storyline, as bit more flexibility, and the gathered delegates were walked through all the different elements as to how we created the project, applying the ID, creating some nice scenarios, putting some value into the course, turning it around v quickly and delivering a course that looks slick. A demo gallery is in progress! THANKS AGAIN! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final sessions of the day and everyone's gathered back round the tables... IMG_00000384 eCreator session Laura & Sam walking through creating a course. Option to choose a theme - gives access to all graphical templates. Create a welcome screen. Can upload own background image away from default image. + and - buttons enable you to make text / title box as big/small as want and then move the box around page Create single choice question screen allows up to 5 options Can re-order screens/course pages with simple arrows At moment create course in eCreator and create assessment through SS assessment tool and then create a programme of learning in SS linking multiple eCreator courses together with an assessment at end. Will have video functionality by time its launched by 1 Sept but really open to hearing the other thoughts/feedback of functions people may like to add to post-launch roadmap (audio for walkthrough voiceovers one function suggested a few times today). eCreator is another tool to add to rapid list - we can create courses and provide guidance across the various tools and different tools can be used for different purposes and all v easily allow upload to SS. Don't get hung up on 'eLearning' - its about making use of and organising the content you may already have and that we have into useable programmes of learning. eCreator is simply another tool to give you a means to produce content. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover NFU Mutual’s SkillsServe journey (iRecord T&C) with Kaeren Watson Why we wanted electronic T&C, who uses it and what we use it for? Before electronic T&C:
  • BIG folders and paper records - paper form auditing issues, version control, lot of space taken up.
  • Thirdly performance reviews - from regions, keyed into HO MI systems - v slow to react
  • Adhoc audits on forms and folders - took days to review
  • limited data e.g. who was on Performance reviews
  • CPD manual of Excel spreadsheet
  • Internal generic test Qs written in-house keeping up to date
Why electronic?
  • Improved management of performance risk.
  • moved to monthly perf reviews
  • quality/root cause of any perf issues
  • 'real time' management
  • adherence of TC scheme by all - overdue reports
  • ID T&C managers who need support
  • Visible CPD management - SPS renewal
  • CII learning material and tests
  • Limit paper - keep paper sales observations
  • Compliance records and central visbility of internal licenses, breaches and complaints against advisors, FCA Notifiable event and CII quals and other accredited bodies.
Who uses it?
  • 200+ users in field force
  • regulated and non-regualted roles for monthly performance management - workflow
  • others using it at head office inc HO Technicians, Life Services, Head of Sales, Relationship Manager, HO Training and HO admins
2 x T&C team and Penny from Unicorn - no other system being integrated. Had been to Towry to see how they use their system. 3 sets of forms (programmes) - 7 roles
  • Induction Training programme
  • Attaining competence programme
  • Maintaining competence programme
Key elements:
  • home page alerts
  • full work flow + simple forms
  • actions pulled through to next form
  • adding forms - to link to reviews
  • attach MI to forms - can tell if haven't attached MI which is vital in reports
  • names being pulled through to form (for ID)
  • reports to extract data
Kaeren is now talking us through their system and showing everyone what it all looks like. Main focus on MI that is tagged 'not satisfactory' and leads to action. Licenses also held on system to show what an advisor can and can't sell. Used be all done by paper too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're back after lunch! Richard Stephenson - CEO of  YUDU Our expertise is how to distribute content across Android, tablets, multimedia v successfully. Looked at education space a couple of years ago and some of same methods dvpd v good for corp learning.\ 1m page views / day - more than 1000 publications are published a day. Everything someone does offline is cached - v imp for mobile learning. Linked into SS makes its a v powerful solution. Apps are basically containers - YUDU technology but your brand, looking at equipment folder in cloud to see what you want to publish, something new here and you can download and read offline. Also groups of people can see different groups of content even within same app - permissions functions. In training login actions need to be reported on - happens automatically when come online. Part of this is about TinCan - ability to measure maybe 20 diff types of actions and more, committed to extending as more releases are made. PLATFORM - the full ability to have social media, rich media, quizzes, stats and no of diff types of file formats. Works across all the different OS. Can highlight docs/pages, can bookmark, no of diff types of actions which syncs back to desktop. In process with SS/Unicorn to make sure so can launch App from SS portal - when you want to upload docs can do through SS. Who access docs etc can all be done through SS. Employees only see docs you wish them to view. Make it a one-stop shop experience. Benefits: Employees can train/study when travelling - CPD Can personalise materials with notes and mark-ups Added employee content made on mobile devices syncs to desktop For companies: Can manage and control training through SS Enterprise or App store solutions for delivery of Apps to staff. Great corp branding for training Apps World class technical support and commercial support from YUDU and Unicorn Ordering Apps should be done through Unicorn - Unicorn and YUDU Creative Services can also undertake special work for more creative and interactive App requirements Not seen our YUDU Unicornucopia App yet? Check it out here! Brilliant for document control - whatever is there is the right information. We're trying to bring all sorts of tools into SS to give you even more functionality without us having to reinvent the wheel ourselves - partnerships like this are hugely valuable. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breakout session 1: T&C/ Performance management 1) What it is and what it does and how it can be used: Towry, NFU & Willis around table all using system. Willis - set up TC scheme, extension of SS system Willis been using, which is a global system (15k people as appraisal and L&D system) their targets is 850 people initially. So how do they target those right people and how else can use system to evidence MI.  26 supervisors live on system at moment, 120 to go. Towry - create forms, everyone has access to it and key individuals have access to forms. Been on for 2yrs - really embedded into everything already there (online assessments, online/offline learning, video, eLearning) then all rounded off with a form to 'sign off'. Upload and create own forms. Authorisations / appraisals and everything on form reportable, which was key thing for them. PAs can go in and upload notes from meetings NFU - already had an appraisal system, independent to that we had to look how managed T&C aspect of that. Used to be audited from getting files in from diverse locations, all done by paper. To improve MI of where people were in terms of performance, had to have something much more visible. 50 forms created by launch - did them all themselves, put all the system that was on paper on to electronic format. Gone from thirdly reviews to monthly reviews - getting MI need every month, big part of project. 3 month reviews now up to 62 forms (using since Jan 14). Performance and Risk Management really significant. Not just a historic data capture tool but very real time accepting sign offs from managers/supervisors at multiple locations for example. Impact on quality of conversations? NFU - thirdly review every month, and give you areas of concern/support from MI that needs focus not going through everything every single time. Have licensing or de-licensing on system to judge fit to practice - observations to poss spark an investigation into skills, ethical behaviours, application etc. Can have 3rd party comments on it - have to be existing SS user but ultimately will create an email, which goes to relevant person. How can T&C be used in online and offline behavioural changes? Willis link in T&C to performance values. Do have v fixed definition of a 'value' so good standard to rate against. Automated system? NFU - "System gives me view of the world from the minute I get in to the minute I leave. Do a lot more but we get better quality as we get the managers in we know need support. Everyday we're acting on something the system's showing us without getting any nasty surprises. What is the root cause of someone's performance issues, now we can prove more easily there's a problem and manager's really drilling to the bottom of it." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SkillsServe update from Unicorn's Stuart Jones and Laura Hooper Since November 2013 following updates to SkillsServe:
  • Online CPD submission - inc My CPD App on App Store
  • Public wikis - area of site where can pull info together which is not tracked
  • Question Bank Management - inc who has access and easier to update Qs within
  • User specific pricing - ecommerce side
  • Launch from catalogue
  • Email on completion
  • CPD import and export
Release notes - updates so make sure you enter your email so that when new features are updated you are notified. Speak to the Helpdesk guys who will know how to active features that aren't turned on by default. Also online help with video walkthroughs starting to be produced more and more, and SkillsServe forums (community site to be interactive amongst each other). Can also post HelpDesk query straight through from the HelpDesk site. Case study 1: How can we use SkillsServe to deliver large suite of content: Hiscox - huge focus on internal training traditionally, senior under 130 modules of learning being presented F2F from senior to junior underwriting staff - wanted all converted into eLearning, within 4 months and platform to run it on, not massive budget. Systems didn't support audiovisual. 7 weeks in have delivered 50 modules. Client are delighted with results. eCreator tool - Can create any template with any interaction you want - add as many templates as want into system. New course within an hour or so to push to users. For Hiscox 10 diff templates created over 130 modules. Can change images/text/animations/title pages etc. Click and show images also. Horizontal / vertical tabs, flashcards too. Can enter images into text. Making SkillServe work well on the iPad - SJ demonstrated using the iPad to show how easy the admin is on the iPad. Templates that are more graphical or ones that can be tailored with images/illustrations. SJ demoed how quick and easy it is to rebrand a template with one tick - including changing the company branding on a graphical pen. Anyone who's got eBriefing already will get the additional templates. Can also automatically take an existing eBriefing and put it in a nice 'wrapper' and start adding more interactive elements. 3/4 way through massive content build so by time tool goes 'live' for clients to use from scratch in the near future, the technology will have been very well used and tested. All about creating TAILORED LEARNING JOURNEYS Looking forward: New ContentServe - enables us to host content for client to track but for us to update content and push that out. All the things get on SkillsServe (e.g. eCreator) can be pushed into other LMS.
  • Offline access - start pushing learning content to be accessible offline, track offline and upload when get signal again. eCreator onto an App so ability to work on it and building content offline.
Tutor support - add in ability to create tutor/individual relationships, communication between each, discussion forums Corporate CPD - where are working with corp client where there are multiple CPD schemes, across a number of pro bodies to bring altogether. Integration - more than just working with 3rd parties but also with your own systems (data feeds backwards and forwards etc). Report API enables data to be pulled from SkillsServe in realtime through an API into a different system. "This is a really a small snapshot of all the work we've got planned but gives you a taste of some of the bigger strategic things we're looking ahead too." Stuart Jones. Use blog.skillsserve.com and register for latest updates straight to your inbox. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "There's 3 reasons why we do these client days. 1) To keep you up to date with some of what we've been up to since the last one of these, and what our roadmap is for the next 6 months. 2) For us to listen to you - it's so valuable fir use to have a whole group of clients in the same room on one day, to hear what you want to say to us, and 3) To share experiences with each other. We live in remarkably changing times; I can't remember a period when so much was changing at the same time, and so much of that is really exciting. There's real potential in the way technology is changing and the way we consume it. That can really help us in exploring learning possibilities." 10.30am And we're off, Unicorn CEO Peter Phillips is kicking us off..... Morning all! Stunning day here at Kings Place for our Client Day today! IMG_00000382 Just to recap we are welcoming almost 100 delegates from more than 40 financial services organisations, professional bodies and services to join us today. Anyone that hasn't been able to make it along we will be live blogging throughout the Client Day, with detailed notes from the talks and breakout sessions, as well as collecting thoughts and queries on Twitter via the #unicorn hashtag. This what's on the agenda:
  • SkillsServe update from Unicorn's Stuart Jones and Laura Hooper
  • YUDU presentation: Using interactive eBooks to enhance your online learning
  • Discover NFU Mutual’s SkillsServe journey with Kaeren Watson
Meanwhile topics from the breakout sessions include:
  • Where next for the LMS?
  • Collaboration, social media and MOOCs: the future of eLearning?
  • Mobile learning: myths and reality
  • Which are the must have new authoring tools and why?
  • Blended learning: how to combine events, webinars, online courses, eBooks and more into complete blended solutions
  • How do we maximise the value of SkillsServe and support job performance by integrating other services?
  • T&C/ Performance management
  • eCreator: How to make your own eLearning using SkillsServe
  • SkillsServe Roadmap: These are our priorities, what are yours?
  • Help and Support
T-minus 30 minutes to kick off....time to grab a coffee and get ready to learn!  

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