Unicorn Feature: Serious Games To Serious Gains

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With Gen Y set to dominate the UK’s working population by 2020, finding a connection with this tech-savvy demographic will be crucial to achieving successful and enduring T&C and compliance outcomes. Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, asks could serious games provide an answer in the latest T-C News.

Games and gamification aren’t going away. Games and T&C though? Where and how does that fit?

Hold the scepticism for a second and consider this one fact - by 2018, just two years away, over half the UK working population will be part of Generation Y, the collective, also known as ‘Millennials’ and categorised as being born between 1980 and the early 1990s.

That is half of your employees requiring T&C interventions who will be part of this dominant group.

To what extent you think games are relevant to T&C and compliance will probably depend on whether your approach to these is more ‘tick box’ in style, or sit as part of a wider, essential culture of changing and reinforcing behaviours and standards.

Behaviour, ethics, expertise, knowledge are all deep-rooted cultural elements in reputable firms. As far as Gen Y is concerned there is significant evidence that games and gamification can have substantial benefits in embedding behaviours.

You can read the full article by downloading the April edition of T-C News here (password required).

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