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Our Unicorn LMS 6.10 includes further enhancements to Forms and Reports.

Form Workflow Enhancements

Line Managers can now send forms back to their employees within the User > Manager > Complete' workflow. This extends the form workflow capacity to allow a form to be passed back and forth between user and manager if required. In addition, users will have the ability to print the form when the form is in a read-only state once they have submitted the form to proceed to the next stage of the workflow.

How does it work?

Create a new form template (from accessing Form templates via the main menu) and select the workflow option 'User > Manager > Complete'. When the form is in use and the stage of the workflow is assigned to the manager, they will be presented with a 'Send back to the Employee' button within the Sign-off Section of the form. When the button is clicked, the form is returned to the employee who will then be able to amend the form and resubmit back to the manager.

After the form has been submitted by a user to proceed to the next stage of the workflow the user can print the form in its current state by clicking on the 'Print' button located at the top of the sign off section.

How do I get it?
This is standard functionality and is available to all Super Administrators who can create Form Templates and then by all users using forms. It will be applied to existing and future forms.

Reporting Ehancements

When creating/editing reports you can now search for the available fields you would like to add to the report, making the process of finding fields easier and quicker.

How does it work?
When creating/editing a report proceed to 'Step 3 – Field Selection'. Within this step you will see on the left the list of available fields which you can add to the report. At the top of the list is a search field which you can use to filter the list. When you have searched for and found the field you would like to use you can add it to the 'Report Fields' section on the right by selecting it and clicking ‘Add’.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all Administrators and Report Administrators who can create and publish Reports.

Programmes are now Pathways

We've finished renaming Programme to Pathway. Pathway is recognised globally and communicates to the learner that they have a learning path of activities to complete.

When will I get 6.10?
All customers are being upgraded to 6.10 automatically over the next 4 weeks


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