Unicorn LMS 6.7 Release Notes

Report on CPD with Unicorn LMS

Our Unicorn LMS 6.7 includes further enhancements to CPD, Diagnostic Assessments and User Interface Improvements.

Reporting on CPD

When creating a report, you will now be able to breakdown the CPD information according to the categories configured within your scheme(s). For example, you may wish to include a breakdown of the structured and unstructured CPD hours within the CPD report. The CPD categories values within the report will be displayed as decimal values, which will make it easier when exporting the data into other applications such as Excel.

How does it work?
Within the first step of creating a report (Data Source) select CPD Period Totals. Then within the 'Field Selection' step of the reports wizard, you will now be able select which categories you would like to use and include within the report from the items.

Scroll down to the section heading called ‘CPD Period Category Totals’ in the 'Available Fields' box to view the categories available for you to add to your report.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to administrators and report administrators who are able to create and publish reports. For further information about Reports, please refer to our reporting guides on the Help and Discussions Forum.

Other CPD Enhancements

We have added the following features and improvements for CPD:

When a CPD scheme has no minimum requirement (target CPD), the user's CPD Log area and the CPD portlet have been updated to accommodate this so that they no longer include the CPD ‘donut’ and scheme requirements information.

Accessing and completing 'Reflective Statements'. When Reflective Statements are not mandatory, users will now be able to add one if they wish by clicking on the drop-down link in the Progress column within the 'My Activities' area. Alternatively if Reflective Statements are set to 'No Reflective Statement', then the functionality is removed completely.

How does it work?
These pieces of functionality are configured as part of a CPD scheme.

How do I get it?

The CPD adjustments feature is currently enabled by Unicorn for specified company CPD schemes. If you would like this enabled on your company CPD scheme please contact your Relationship Manager or the Help Desk to discuss. Professional body CPD schemes may not permit adjustments. For more in depth information about CPD Adjustments, view our Help Guide.

Diagnostic Assessments Enhancements

You can now determine the behaviour of individual activities within a Pathway that has a Diagnostic Assessment linked to it.

If a Pathway contains a Diagnostic Assessment and the activity does not contain any related learning, you will now be able to set the activity to 'Must Complete' which ensures that the activity must be completed even though the Diagnostic Assessment has been taken. Alternatively, you can set the activity to be 'Exempt if passed' which will ensure that the user is exempted from the activity if they successfully pass the Diagnostic Assessment.

How does it work?
Within 'Find Learning', add the activities you would like to include in your Pathway to your basket. Click on your basket and use the 'Add a Diagnostic Assessment' link to add the assessment to your pathway. Save the Pathway and you will be taken to the Common Tasks area for it.

Click on the 'Activities' tab and then click on the 'Edit' drop-down menu for the activity to show the configuration options. Within the last column, labelled 'Diagnostic Assessment', you will be able to set the 'Exempt if Passed' or 'Must Complete' options.

How do I get it?
This is standard functionality and is available to all users who can create Diagnostic Assessments. For more information about setting up and configuring Diagnostic Assessments, view our guides within the Help & Discussions Forum.

User Interface Improvements

We have improved and changed the way that the main menu works within the LMS after receiving feedback from our users and conducting usability tests. Previously you needed to hover over the menu icon in order to display the menu items and moving away from this area would close it.

How does it work?
Rather than hovering over the menu icon, click on it to show the menu items. Clicking on the menu icon again, or anywhere on the main content page, will close it.

How do I get it?
This is a standard piece of functionality and is available to all users.

When will I get 6.7?
All customers are being upgraded to 6.7 automatically over the next 4 weeks

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