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Our Unicorn LMS 6.9 includes further enhancements to Pathways, Forms and Diagnostic Assessments.

Shared activities in pathways

It is now possible to share activities across multiple pathways without affecting the completion status of previously completed pathways. This means you can include the same activities in both a new starter pathway and annual training pathways as the new starter pathway will not return to ‘incomplete’ when the annual pathway resets each year.

How does it work?
This functionality is automatically included as part of the running feature of Pathways. Within the training plan, if a pathway contains activities which are reset after the pathway is completed, it will keep the activity completion status in the context of the completed pathway rather than the new status of the activity.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all users

Objectives Form Enhancements

Forms can now automatically include all existing Objectives and open Objectives that have been previously assigned to a user. This streamlines the process for users reviewing open objectives and is really helpful when using multiple 1:1 forms or interim appraisal forms to pull objectives from one form to another.

How does it work?
Create a new form template (via the Form Templates area) and add an ‘Objective’ item within a section. The 'Objective' item field options will be displayed and will contain the configuration option; ‘Past Objectives’. Select the ‘Past Objectives’ drop down field to reveal the list of available options to set the behaviour of the objectives (automatically add open objectives, automatically add all objectives or manually add objectives only).

Objectives are pulled through automatically based on the name of the objective field plus any additional objective fields specified.

When the options to include past objectives have been configured and the user navigates to the 'Objectives' item within the form, the past objectives will be added and displayed within the objectives item list. When viewing the list of objectives the user will have the capability to remove and edit the objectives before submitting the form.

If the objective is shown in multiple open forms it will continue to be updated from other forms.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all Super Administrators who can create Form Templates and then by all users using the forms.

Diagnostic Assessments Enhancements

Find learning catalogue now displays the total number of questions available for pathways containing activities with related questions. We have also made improvements to the user experience for creating a 'Stand-alone Diagnostic Assessment' from within the 'Find learning' Basket. Activities which relate to the stand-alone diagnostic now only display in the 'Basket' when the stand-alone diagnostic feature is enabled, hiding any items without associated questions.

How does it work?

When you find a Pathway within 'Find Learning', the number of questions available for Diagnostic Assessments is displayed next to the ‘Question Icon’ below the activity description. This will also be displayed next to each Pathway item when reviewing your basket along with how many questions are allocated to the Diagnostic and Pathway Assessments when added.

When you create a 'Stand-alone Diagnostic Assessment' based on your items within the 'Basket', you will now notice a change within the Basket when enabling the stand-alone diagnostic feature. Items in the basket which do not have questions assigned to them will be removed from the basket view when the 'Stand-alone Assessment' checkbox is ticked. This allows you to see only the items in the basket which the stand-alone diagnostic assessment is based on. A notification message box is also displayed above the items in the basket to communicate the transitional change from within the Basket.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all users

When will I get 6.9?
All customers are being upgraded to 6.9 automatically over the next 4 weeks


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