Unicorn LMS 7.4 Release Notes

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Unicorn LMS 7.4 includes updates to Responsibility Map, Staff Dashboard and Direct Debit Mandate set up. New features for self-cancellation registration, ContentServe, Events and improved support for multi-tenancy configurations.

Self-Cancel Registration

Learners will now be able to cancel themselves from activities they've self-registered on to. The option to cancel from an Activity or Pathway can be found within 'My Activities'.

How does it work?
When a user has registered on to an activity which is still 'Outstanding' within My Activities, they can expand the section under the 'Progress' column to display the status information. The option to 'Cancel Registration' is displayed in the top right corner.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to all users who are able to self-register onto activities. Release version 7.4.25.

Updates to Responsibilities Map

We have applied several updates and enhancements to our recently released Responsibilities Map.

Improvements and changes

  • Past versions of the Responsibility Map will maintain and show the hierarchy of the organisation structure at that point of time.
  • Improved UX throughout, including changes to improve interaction and workflow for the Responsibility Map.

How do I get it?
These updates will be available to all Super Administrators who have enabled the Responsibilities Map feature. Released in 7.4.6.

Events Improvements

The Events Portlet will display the event location within the list view of the event. Learners can now view event locations whilst browsing the list of events.

It is now possible to reset event programmes to support annually recurring face to face training. Only events taking place or assigned after a pathway is registered or reset will now count towards the pathway completion status.

You can automatically register users on the next available event when assigning Event Programmes.

How does it work?
On the Events portlet click on the arrow to reveal the Events list overview. The event location is labelled underneath the title of the event.

Event Programmes can be reset like other activity types by using Registration Rules or manually reset options via Content Manager. Once the user is reset they can attend any future event within the programme and all past attended events will retain their completion status.

You can enable the option to Automatically register on next available event within the Details tab of Event Programmes. Once enabled, users assigned to the Event Programme will be automatically registered on to the next available event.

How do I get it?
The Events portlet is available to all users. The ability to reset Event Programmes and enable the automatic registration feature are available to all Administrators and anyone who can create content. Event Porlet will be released in 7.4.16 and Event Programmes reset will be released 7.4.8.

Updates to Staff Dashboard

You can now filter by the duration of time for 'Activities Assigned' to your staff members when viewing their activity progress and completion status.

How does it work?
You can view your direct reports by accessing the 'My Staff' dashboard page via the main menu. Within the 'My Staff' page there are a list of filters located on the left sidebar menu. The filter 'Activities Assigned' is defaulted to display activities assigned to your staff 'Within 12 Months'. To change the default setting, select the drop down field option to switch between alternative periods of time for the activities assigned. You can choose to filter activities which have been assigned 'Within 3 Months' through to activities 'Within 2 Years'.

How do I get it?
The My Staff page is available to all managers with direct reports. Release version 7.4.26.

CPD Completion Status Report

Administrators can now report on the CPD completion status of their staff and organisations. The CPD Completion Status report displays a pie chart containing the percentage of the completion of the CPD scheme target.

How does it work?
The CPD Completion Status report is a new default report within the available list of reports. Access the Reports area via the main menu and can locate the new report by using the 'Search' feature or find the report within the table list of available reports. Like other reports it can be copied, shared and exported. This report uses enhancements for the Pie Chart to support percentages and the CPD target has been added to the User Report Data Source.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all Administrators and Report Administrators who can create and publish Reports. Release version 7.4.21.

ContentServe Download Package

On ContentServe profiled LMS, users will now be able to download eLearning content as a SCORM package from the Find Learning view without needing to click on the activity. The SCORM package downloads as a zip file and can be uploaded into a third party LMS.

How does it work?
In Find Learning the 'Download' option for an activity appears alongside 'Add to Basket', 'Register Me' and 'Common Tasks'. Clicking on the Download button will automatically start downloading the SCORM zip file of the activity to your local computer.

How do I get it?
This is available to all users who are using a ContentServe LMS solution. Release version 7.4.22.

Update for Direct Debit Mandate Set Up

Direct Debit Mandate for payment transactions for activities will now display the mandate reference number within the configuration table of assigned mandates.

How does it work?
To set up Direct Debit payments for activities go to 'Direct Debit Mandate set up' within 'Settings' and 'Create a new Direct Debit Mandate'. Go through set up options for the Direct Debit mandate and enter the required information for the mandate such as the bank detail information (sort code, account number etc). After set up completion you will see the Direct Debit Mandate entry within the table with the assigned mandate reference number.

How do I get it?
Direct Debit Mandate set up is available to all Super Administrators who have access to Settings. Released in 7.4.11.

Improved support for Multi-tenancy configurations

Multi-tenancy sites can now make different content products available for new organisations signing up based on multiple domain names assigned to the site.

How does it work?
In 'Settings' navigate to 'URLs' to view your domain set up. If you do not have a current URL set up, you can create a new URL entry by clicking on the 'Add' button or you can select your current existing entry. In the available list of 'Edit' options for your URL, choose the 'Registration User Group' via the drop down menu. New organisations that sign up on the specified URL will be automatically added to the specified user group which you can assign appropriate content catalogues and permissions to.

How do I get it?
This is available for all Super Administrators who have access to Settings within their LMS. If you would like assistance in creating User Groups and adding additional URLs, please contact the Help desk. Released in 7.4.0.

When will I get 7.4?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.4 automatically within the next 3 weeks. Super Administrators can see the current LMS version in Settings.

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