Unicorn LMS 7.5 Release Notes

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Unicorn LMS 7.5 includes updates to eCreator, Pathways, CPD and My Staff.

eCreator 2.0

We are proud to announce a major upgrade to the eCreator bringing new capability and flexibility to your online course creation.

New User Interface
The eCreator still contains the range of page templates that you are familiar with, however, editing them is even easier with a lot of additional capability.

With all editable items you can select the Pencil icon to bring up a range of options to customise including colours, links, animations and opacity

New Blank template
If you don’t wish to use one of our predefined templates, we've enhanced the Blank template with all the new features of eCreator 2.0 to provide you with maximum flexibility when designing your courses.

Add Panels, Images, Video and Audio
You can now add additional panels containing text elements, images, videos and audio to any page in your course.

To add an element, click the Plus (+) icon on the top left of the page and drag the element to where you want to place it. You can also just click on the icon and drag and drop to reposition afterwards.

You can resize the elements by dragging the bottom right-hand corner just like a window on your PC.

Panels contain a heading and body text element by default but you can remove these by clicking on them, editing and pressing the trash can icon. You can even add additional text, image and media elements to a panel by clicking the Plus (+) icon when editing a panel.

Popups are much easier to create and more flexible than before. To add a popup to an element you can select any element or text, click on the pencil icon to edit (or Link icon if you have selected text) then click on the Link icon to reveal the link menu. Here you can choose Pop up from the link options then click Add Pop up.

You can drag and drop the pop up to position and you can resize it. You can position the close icon or hide it, choose to make the pop up an overlay requiring the user to close it or have the pop-up close automatically when another pop up is opened.

Pop ups can also contain additional text, image and media elements just like panels.

All elements including panels, text boxes, images, video and audio can have animations applied. You can say whether an item fades in or moves in from the left, right, top or bottom. Animations play automatically one after the other in the order of back to the front most element. Animations are a great way to draw the learner’s attention to something and to keep the learner engaged.

Layer ordering
As you can now add multiple elements which can overlap, we have added the ability to order the layers to help you create great composite designs. When editing an element, the Arrange menu allows you to bring an element forward, backward or send to front or back. This also helps you to order your panels when animating them.

We've added branching support to the eCreator to provide greater flexibility in your learning design. This means you can design your courses to be non-linear, allowing learners to go in different directions. You can make any element or text link to another page in the course and you can change the destination of the next button from next page to a different page entirely. You can also determine which page or pages will set the course to complete allowing learners to take different journeys to complete the course.

Background images
eCreator themes now have four pre-defined background images to choose from or you can upload your own image. This enables you to quickly build visually engaging courses and these backgrounds can be applied to the page, panel or popups. Alternatively, you can set your backgrounds to be a solid colour taken from the theme colours.

You can also change the opacity of the panels to bring through the imagery behind the layer.

Large Canvas Theme
You can now create your courses with a larger canvas so you have more screen space available for content. When editing the Theme, under the ‘Common’ heading, you can choose between Regular with Border or the new Large No Border for the Canvas Style.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to all Content Creators and Administrators when editing any eCreator course built with a Theme Builder theme. Themes can be created and modified by Super Administrators. Released in 7.5.0.

New Language Pathway

The new Language Pathway feature enables you to group different language versions of the same activity together into a single pathway. When the learner launches the Language Pathway it automatically allocates the correct language version of the activity in it.

How does it work?
For each language version of an activity, make sure the correct language is set in the Advanced Settings as this sets what language the activity is for. The default is English.

Group the different language versions of an activity together into a new pathway and in the Display Options in the Details tab select 'Language Pathway'.

You can now allocate this language pathway to all learners irrespective of their chosen language and it will allocate the correct language version of an activity on launch.

Learners only need to complete a single language version to mark the whole Language Pathway complete. This allows reporting against the language pathway and enables follow on registration rules to be set irrespective of chosen language.

If there is no matching language it will allocate the English version. If no English version it will take the first available activity in the activities list.

A learner’s language can be set by the user themselves or by an Administrator or by data import.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to all administrators when Languages has been enabled on the LMS by a Super Administrator.

Pathway Enhancements

When copying a Pathway, the recommended CPD hours from the original pathway will automatically be carried over into the new Pathway. In addition to this, you can update the total number of recommended CPD hours (from the child activities) set within a Pathway allowing you to recalculate the CPD hours for any child activities which have been added/removed in a Pathway.

How does it work?
You can copy an existing Pathway by accessing the Common Tasks options when viewing the Pathway under Find Learning or by clicking on the Pathway title under the Manage tab. Within the Common Tasks of the Pathway go to the ‘Details’ tab and click on the ‘Copy’ button to create a duplicate version of the Pathway. Doing this will automatically inherit the recommended CPD hours (if already set within the original Pathway).

To recalculate the total number of recommended CPD hours of a Pathway, navigate to the ‘Advanced Settings' tab and under the ‘CPD’ section is a list of options for recommended CPD hours and CPD Value. The option to ‘Reset’ is displayed as a text link beside each CPD Hour total. Clicking on the reset link will tally up the total CPD hours of the child activities that are available from within the Pathway.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to all content creators and administrators who have access to Content Manager. Released in 7.5

CPD Enhancements

We have recently added some significant enhancements to the CPD print and admin features:

  • You can now include your site logo and add your own custom heading title to the print view of the CPD Log
  • You can show/hide category names for the print version of the CPD Log
  • When updating CPD submissions on behalf of the user you will now have the option to update the CPD submission (based on the time and date of when the new changes took place) and choose if you would like to notify the learner about the changes made to the submission.

How does it work?
Super Administrators can add the site logo and a custom heading to the print version of your CPD log by configuring the options within the CPD Scheme settings. To access the CPD Scheme settings, go to Site Settings via the main menu and select CPD from the list of managed features. Select the scheme you would like to amend and proceed to the ‘Scheme Settings’ tab. You can turn on the option to ‘Show logo on print view’ and customise the text heading in the ‘Custom log print view header text’ field under the section ‘CPD Log display options’.

You can hide/show the CPD Category and Activity Type for the print view within the ‘Scheme Rules’ tab of the CPD Scheme (via CPD Settings). By default, the category will be enabled to display on the print view.

You can edit a learners CPD Log by accessing their profile via Organisation and Users. Select the CPD Log tab from within their profile and then click on the button ‘Edit Submission’. Make the required changes then click on ‘Update Submission'. You will now be presented with options to ‘Update the date submitted to the current time’ and ‘Send an email to the user letting them know that their submission has been modified’. By default, all options will be enabled. Deselect any options you would like to disable and then click on ‘Update Submission’.

How do I get it?
CPD Scheme settings and CPD Submissions for editing/updating is available to all Super Administrators. Released in 7.5.0.

My Staff Dashboard Updates

You can now review the progress of your Delegated Reports when viewing the My Staff Dashboard. We have also made an improvement to the My Staff dashboard to highlight overdue registrations rather than individual overdue activities.

How does it work?
If you have been assigned as a Delegate for another Line Manager, when viewing the My Staff dashboard you will see an option for Delegated Reports in the Filters on the left. Selecting this filter will display only your Delegated Reports.

Following feedback, we have also made an improvement to the My Staff dashboard to highlight overdue registrations rather than individual overdue activities. This means, if the user is registered on to a Pathway containing a number of individual activities which then becomes overdue, the Overdue Registrations indicator will only look at the higher level Pathway activity and not the individual activities within it.

How do I get it?
The Delegated Reports view of the My Staff dashboard is available to all managers who have been assigned as a delegate for another Line Manager. Release version 7.5.0.

When will I get 7.5?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.5 automatically within the next 3 weeks. Super Administrators can see the current LMS version in Site Settings.

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