Unicorn LMS 7.6 Release Notes

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Unicorn LMS 7.6 adds Diagnostic Assessment feedback, popup reflective statements, eCreator file support, enhancements to copying pathways, portlet images support for Theme Builder.

Diagnostic Assessment Feedback

Diagnostic Assessments can now display additional feedback to show what questions were answered correct or incorrect. In addition, it is now possible to hide the pass mark from learners so the diagnostics can be used to simply benchmark current knowledge without the perception of failure.

How does it work?

When adding a diagnostic or pathway assessment you now have the ability to select the type of feedback to display: Topics, Topics and Questions or Topics, Questions and Correct Answer. Each option provides further feedback from just the score per topic, through to more detailed question feedback including the ability to show the correct answer if required. The default option moving forward show the Topics and Questions.

How do I get it?
This is now standard functionality available to all Administrators and Content Creators when adding diagnostic assessments and pathway assessments. Existing assessments will remain with the feedback set to Topic so you can change these manually when editing a pathway through the Manage content area. Released in 7.6.22.

Popup CPD Reflective Statements

Reflective statements allow learners to reflect on what they have experienced during a learning activity and how that might help keep their skills or knowledge up to date. Now as soon as learners with a CPD reflective statement requirement complete some online learning, they will automatically be prompted to enter a reflective statement. This means that they will automatically be awarded the CPD time at the time of completion rather than having to go into the CPD Log to update it retrospectively.

How does it work?

This applies to learners who are assigned CPD schemes that require reflective statements. When a learner completes an online activity that counts towards CPD for their CPD scheme, a popup is displayed asking for the reflective statement. If Activity Ratings are also enabled then that is shown in the popup on the second step of a two-step wizard. Learners can leave the reflective statement blank if they wish to add later in the same way as before.

How do I get it?
This feature is automatically available to all learners with a CPD scheme that requires a reflective statement. Released in 7.6.22.

eCreator Files support

It is now possible to attach downloadable files such as PDF, Word and Excel documents into eCreator courses. This enables you to provide supporting material or key facts that can be embedded into a page and linked to from a popup or link.

How does it work?

Edit an eCreator course and select an object to link from - this can be text, a panel or an image. In the Link icon you can choose File within the options (along with Page, External Url). Once File is selected you can then upload a file or replace a file.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to all Content Creators and Administrators when editing any eCreator course built with a Theme Builder theme. Themes can be created and modified by Super Administrators. Released in 7.6.26.

Copy Pathways with ability to copy child pathways

When copying pathways you can now optionally copy any sub-pathways within it rather than linking to the original sub-pathways. This is particularly useful when copying large complex pathways such as the Insurance Distribution Directive pathway. Copying the pathways allows you to customise individual elements of it such as pathway assessment pass marks or add additional content to each of the off-the-shelf sub-pathways.

How does it work?
You can copy a pathway from the Details tab of a pathway accessed through the Find Learning common tasks or Manage content area. When copying a pathway, if the pathway contains sub-pathways, you now have an additional option to copy child pathways or link to existing child pathways. The new default behaviour will copy the child pathways allowing you to customise the full pathway. The copied child pathways will only appear in the activities tab of the new parent pathway and they won't be visible separately in the Manage content tab.

How do I get it?
This feature is available to all Content Creators and Administrators when copying pathways that contain sub pathways. Released in 7.6.19.

Theme Builder – can now change portlet images

Super Administrators can now upload or replace the images on any of the standard portlets to comply with their own branding and site themes.

How does it work?
Super Administrators can navigate to the Site Settings area under the Menu then select Themes from the Available Features tab to create new or edit existing Themes. When editing the theme, select the Portlet Images section to expand and see a list of all standard portlet. Click on the Upload button next to the portlet you wish to edit, select the new image and Save. The new portlet appearance will be visible immediately to any users who have the Site Theme applied to their account. This change only applies to standard portlets and not custom portlets which need to be updated by Unicorn. In the case of custom portlets, please contact your Relationship Manager.

How do I get it?
Theme Builder is available to all Super Administrators who can create and manage site themes via Site Settings. Released in 7.6.0.

When will I get 7.6?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.6 automatically within the next 3 weeks. Super Administrators can see the current LMS version in Site Settings.

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