Unicorn LMS 7.7 Release Notes

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Unicorn LMS 7.7 adds multiple legal entities to the responsibilities map, the ability to copy eCreator pages, have greater control over what is displayed in Resources pages and the ability to configure more complex CPD requirements.

Responsibilities Map for Senior Managers Regime - Multiple Legal Entities

Due to popular demand of our SMR responsibilities map tool amongst larger and more complex firms, we have now added support for multiple legal entities. This enables a single Unicorn LMS instance to support a Responsibilities Map for each legal entity associated with a customer all with their own independent version control and audit tracking. Senior Managers can appear on separate responsibility maps for each legal entity with different Senior Manager Functions, Prescribed Responsibilities and Committees. All responsibility and function acceptance is independently tracked and displayed in the personal Statement of Responsibilities.

We have also made a number of small user experience improvements including allowing the changing of number of items to display in the map display, improving the printable view and addressing some early feedback on field input sizes.

How does it work?
Super Administrators can create a new Responsibilities Map within the Site Settings. Go to Site Settings via the main menu, and click Responsibilities Map from the Manage or Available Features depending on whether you are configuring for the first time. To add a new Responsibilities Map click the + Create button and complete the wizard. On the second stage of the wizard you can enter the name of the new Legal Entity. Once created you will see the available Responsibilities Maps.

You can configure the permissions of who has access to edit and manage each Responsibilities Map from the Site Settings area too. To do that, click the three dots to reveal a menu and choose "Manage Permissions". This brings up a dialogue with the standard user groups and users permissions editor. Anyone in the selected user group or users will be able to edit the selected responsibilities map.

Senior Managers see all Responsibilities Maps they appear on in their user profile - they can expand each individual map if they have multiple maps. Email notifications to accept changes are sent out per individual map when publishing changes.

How do I get it?
Multiple Legal Entities is a standard feature as part of the Responsibilities Map tool available to all Super Administrators. Released in 7.7.10

eCreator - Copy Page

You can now copy pages in the eCreator within the same course. This is really useful if you want to use repeat design layouts across multiple pages in the same course. For example if you use a similar question design, layout and images across the course. We have also improve the user interface when editing the course.

How does it work?
When editing a page, you can click the three dots button on the top right of the page editor to show an additional menu item to copy the page. When you click it you are prompted to name the new page. By default this will be the existing page name with "copy" appended to the end. When you click save, the new page will be copied immediately after the original page. You can re-order pages quickly by clicking the All Pages link and dragging and dropping the pages into the order you want.

How do I get it?
This is available to all Administrators and Content Creators who can create or edit eCreator courses. Released in 7.7.0.

Resources Page Improvements

Pages in Resources (sometimes referred to as "wiki pages"), now can hide the attachment menu from users viewing the page. It also allows Super Administrators to upload attachments when editing Resource pages.

How does it work?
Go to ‘Resources’ via the main menu and edit a page. You now have the option to hide the attachments menu for users when they view the resource page. You can also now upload attachments directly to the edit resource page.

How do I get it?
Resource pages is available to all Super Administrators who can create/manage spaces and pages. Released in 7.7.0.

CPD Scheme - Half hour rules

CPD Scheme Rules now support half-hour CPD category targets in addition to whole hours. This means it is now possible to configure additional CPD scheme requirements such as 3.5 hours for Ethics for the CISI CPD scheme.

How does it work?
Go to ‘Site Settings’ via the main menu, select CPD and then choose a CPD scheme to edit. Within the Scheme Rules, when you expand the category requirements you can now increment the requirement in 0.5 hour intervals.

How do I get it?
CPD Scheme configuration is available to all Super Administrators within Site Settings. Released in 7.7.0.

When will I get 7.7?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.7 automatically within the next 4 weeks. Super Administrators can see the current LMS version in Settings.

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